Nanital-Mukteshwar-Peora Trip in December


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I am planning a family trip in end December (5 day trip) to visit nanital, Mukteshwar & Peora. Could you please help me with following questions

1. Is it good time to visit these places in December?
2. Will the road condition on hills be good to self-drive?
3. Is the below itinerary make sense?
First Day - Reach Nanital, check-in hotel, local site seeing & relax
Second Day - Visit Mukteshwar, come back to Nanital
Third Day - Visit Peora, come back to Nanital
Fourth Day - Visit local attractions in Nanital
Fifth Day - Come back to Delhi


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Why are you returning to Nainital every single time?
You can very well stay at Mukteshwar and Peora.
Maybe you can follow this-
1 . Nainital (Reach + Rest)
2. Nainital (Sightseeing)
3. Mukteshwar (Reach + explore)
4. Peora (Reach +explore)
5. Return --- Bhimtal--Kathgodam --Delhi