Navsari (Gujarat) to Ladakh on Splendor Plus Bs6 - 97.2cc

jj brothers

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Hello Everyone.....
I have done ladakh on my splendor bike. I entered in ladakh from Kashmir and exit from Himachal Pradesh. I have done full circuit. Now i am going to share my experience and photos that taken in trip.... Thanks.

Its 2004 in my college days my friend said to me that we can go to himalaya with bike. I said ok. (i dont have more idea about bike trip)
In 2008 I have done Amarnath Yatra via Baltal route. When i was going to sonamarg from shrinagar in bus suddenly i had some thought in my mind about to do that beautiful road with bike ride. That time i have some feelings to do bike ride in mountains.
Finally in 2012 i have start to search and research about how to do ladakh on bike. And its takes 10 year to finally fulfill my ladakh bike ride dream.


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Dreams do come true! Glad to know you realized yours.

That too on the humble yet bulletproof Splendor. Please keep updating with your experiences.

jj brothers

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Thank You,

In the first week of May-22 I strongly decided to do Ladakh on splendor. But i haven't found any riders or partners for the same ride. So, I make my mind to do it alone/solo. One day I told to my family that I’m going to do Ladakh on splendor and I’m going solo. But my family said clearly no to do this solo. They told me that join any group and go to Ladakh. So, after some days of surfing, I found one travel agency named Royal Travels in Mumbai going to organise Mumbai-Ladakh-Mumbai with some scooters like Jupiter, Dio, Access and some royal Enfield and any other bikes. At the time I found that contact number I called them and said I’m interested to do ladakh with u and I have splendor bs6. They said OK and they send me travel plan of 18 days with travel package price. The ride plan was from 28th May 2022 to 18 days. After confirmed with Royal Travels I feel very happy that this year my dream will going to true. Because in the last 10 years in every January to June month most of the times I was thinking about ladakh ride but sometimes I have money but not office leaves, sometimes I have office leaves but not money. But this time I have both. So i start preparations like bike service and parts to carry, how to tie luggage, things to carry any other items like cloths, medicines, repairing kits, documents etc. I think about to purchase saddle bags and riding suit but the second thought came to my mind that what I will do with that after ladakh ride because i haven’t plan to do more rides after ladakh. So i purchased only knee guard and elbow guard for safety and some medicines, bike spares like clutch cable, acc. Cable, spark plug, chain lock, head lamp, small bungy cords, air pump, puncture kit etc. I have big tracking bag to so before one week I started to pack my bags. After prepared bags when I going to tie it on bike I face little problems to tie it properly. So that I have installed one clamp with the silencer side bolt and my work is done. I have done no other modification rather than that. No extra fog lights, no extra horn, no metal carriage, no stickers, no seat modification as nothing. The stock bike as I got from Hero.