Need a mobile with GPS and internet facility (budget Rs. 8-10K)


Mountain Trekker
I am looking for a mobile with GPS and internet facility with good battery back up. Kindly advise me a good phone. Price range may be between Rs. 8 to 10,000/-

1. I have heard of 3G phones.
2. Somebody advised me to get the recently launched cheap wala Apple I phone from USA and get it unlocked. Iphone costs Rs 10,000 and unlocking Rs. 1,000.



1. Forget 3G. If you are looking for VFM, the pricing for 3G data is way too high. It will also affect your battery life and coverage is, well, let us say, extremely limited now. It is pointless paying a premium for data when about 150 kms out of a city, you wind up with the same network/speeds as a regular GPRS user is going to get.

2. It will be tough finding a good package at under 10k. Try and increase the budget a bit. There is a Blackberry (Brand New Blackberry 8110 GSM Mobile Phone Black With Vendor Warranty gifts in india at rediff shopping.) under 10k available. I have no idea how good the seller is, but the phone is rock solid and a workhorse. No 3G/Wifi, though.

3. I think only the more recent versions of iFawn, probably starting with the 3G model, has GPS in it. The one selling at 10k is probably the first generation one that does not have GPS.

What is the intended usage anyway?