Need a plan to cover east coast and west coast


Rahul Kulshrestha
Dear BCMTians,

Need help with an itinerary to cover east coast and west coast. I will start from gurgoan to Vishakhapatnam and then will continue with the coast till Ran of kuctch.
Suggestion need as I will drive approx 200 km on a daily basis.
I will working from my car during office hours and then will drive to a new destination. Take a halt , sleep there in car, enjoy sightseeing till 10 am.

I will be willing to take a detour for sightseeing and BCMT meets.

Plan is to modify Tata Safari Storme, with a bed , 600va inverter, RO , 20 lt fresh water bottle and 20 lt RAW water bottle a bit of Cooking.

Suggestion are welcome for safe routes, parking and sight seeing.

As I am travelling with a 8 year Old elephant , it has its mood and tantrum so Mechanics for it aslo needed :D
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Rahul Kulshrestha
Day 1:- Grugaon to Lalitpur(565km) the day will be saturday morning
Day 2:- Lalitpur to Mukki (516km) (Kanha National Park)
Day 3:- Mukki to Durg( 273 KM)
Day 4 and Day 5:- Durg to Visakhapatnam (634 km)

Rest is still getting planned....


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Well if you want to do a long stretch I would suggest
- Vishakhapatnam to Mahabalipuram (it’s 850 plus km).
It’s a very long stretch but you can stay at Mahabalipuram which is awesome.
Spend some time seeing Pondicherry
Visit nearby ares, visit the Chettinad Area.
You drive one long day but can spend two three days here.

Or you could go from Vishakhapatnam to Vakalapundi. It’s a small but beautiful beach. Distance is some 150km.

Or you could go from Vizag to Mypadu. Around 650km.
But I would rather go to Mahabalipuram.