Need advice on Hyderabad to Rishikesh road trip

Hi I'm planning for a road trip on my bike from Hyderabad to Rishikesh in the last week of July, needed advice if it would be safe to travel now with the current weather conditions (as I have been hearing news of heavy rainfall and landslide in Uttarakhand). It would be great if you could help me with the following

- Is it OK to travel to Rishikesh in week's time, will the weather and the road conditions be fine ?
- What would be the best route to take, in terms of good roads ( I have about 7-8 days to do the trip)
- Good places to stay at Haridwar (Budget hotels, as I am travelling alone don't want to spend too much on stay)
- On the way are there any places that are must see (I have seen Agra/ Mathura, so would like to avoid those)
- Any MUST DO's and DON'Ts for the trip in terms of riding, food, stay, sight seeing
I am fond of photography, so please suggest routes and places where I can capture good photos

Look forward to your help