Need advise on gloves for winter riding


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Hello everyone. I need advise on winter riding on my bike. I have decent leather gloves for riding. However, since they have mesh lining, it feels cold in winter rides. I then brought a winter glove but it feels too bulky. I was thinking of wearing a latex glove and then the riding glove. Has anyone tried it before?

Any other suggestions welcome.


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I will test it out today, wearing latex gloves inside main gloves. I am sure it will work out since people are already using it before hand.
The gloves that I have, are of goat leather too with knuckle and palm protection. having shelled out around 2.5k for them once, I was not quite sure if I should invest more in gloves. Latex inside the gloves should serve the purpose. (hopefully).

What to do for the space between the jacket's end at the palm and the gloves ending near the palm( the area of wrist that is exposed since the gloves that I have are of palm length only) ? Like when wearing a glove which covers wrist too, it covers the wrist too. Any ideas?

Update: Tried using latex gloves inside the main riding gloves. Since there is mesh on the side of fingers, I felt cold in my fingers. Dropping plan of using latex gloves. I have to go to Muktinath in February. Seems will have to shell out money :(
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-°C Gloves used for bike riding :


This is link of similar looking Gloves but rider has not used it. :
Motorcycle Bike HandleBar Grip Muffs Hand Cover Gloves Winter Waterproof

Bike rider who went to Spiti and till Kaza had to wear 4 layers to protect -°C torture:
Spiti was -21°C. He rode to Spiti last week only.

Hello I particularly was wearing
4 top layers (Thermals, Fleece, Thick Woolen Sweater,Riding Jacket )
Bottom 3 layers (Thermals, Woolen Pant and Hiking Pants )
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I brought leather gloves from Kanpur. After wearing a woollen inside them, I feel pretty comfortable. Thanks for your inputs. I really appreciate it.
@Anup WS

I didn't know what to buy as it was my first time to the extreme cold region.

I was using a base liner from Decathlon which held good until about 8-10 degrees. this includes the base liner , tshirt and my riding jacket.

Along with this I had a sweater which I used below 8 degrees until Pithoragarh. I purchased a Wool thermal there which helped a lot.

I had a snow gloves from decathlon which held good throughout. Post Adilabad I never used my riding gloves as it was impossible to ride with my cramster riding gloves.

Foot- Wildcraft trekking shoes with some winter socks.

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