need help and fast


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i am in an extreme depression and seek advice from mods and members. i am off the thread for quite a long time
i am at the verge of a broken marriage and loosing them any second. dont bother to ask for details it will only waste time and disturb and haunt you
can anyone help me settle down in mcleod ganj in the place of his holiness dalai lama.i want to move away alone from delhi due to many reasons i can get some tibetian meds and treatment as well there.
i have only left with with my ford ikon which wont fetch me even 40k and may resort to selling it so that i get some money for survival
sleepless nights fighting over property and disturbed by my family is not my cup of tea
i want some peace and solitude if i can recover.please help me before i am no more an earthling Treat this as an SOS. I AM NOT DRUNK left alcohol last august
get me out pls and yes i dont have much money left
Help me out before i go crazy and do something
any one can call me on 9911918183 this has whats app or alternate for calls only 9650088183
rest is my destiny which i cant change

Yogesh Sarkar

Getting away and moving to an entirely new place will only help you short term, unless you’re very sociable or have friends there, you will actually end up feeling lonely. What you need right now is company of good friends, and some good time to take your mind off trouble, even if it is for a short while.

If you still want to get away, then my suggestion would be to go there, stay in a budget accommodation for a week or less and see if that is actually what you want.


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thanks yogesh im trying my best but need info for accommodation on short budget i dont want to be their in vovo bus only to get disapointed seeking hotel etc at last moment.


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Sanjay, you do not need an escape; you need to be brave and confront the reality facing you.
Keep your ego aside and make peace with your family. By all rights they are the ones that ought to be most concerned about you. So, what has gone wrong?
I think some serious introspection and peace building exercises are the need of the hour.
Alas, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's old saying is really not it - "No problem is so big or so complicated that it cannot be run away from".

Suresh Babu

Sorry to hear this from you. As per Mr.Yogesh suggested, you must have true friends and companions. Make yourself busy with so many activities like meditation, yoga, group chantings etc. Buy one pet like cat /dog which loves you and you care about it. Take care of your family and kids. Show them you are the most important person in their life by showing love and affection, even they don't mind you. Keep yourself dedicated to your family. Don't try to listen gossips and serious about any matters. The life is yours and you have to enjoy a lot up to maximum extent. We are all having abundant problems, we smile at it and carry on.You are more and more important to your family and kids. No one replaces you. Take care of health and your job. No one here are born with silver spoon. I too have so many issues like, need BMW car, to be richest guy in one day, all beautiful girls loves me,dreaming VVIP treatment every where, No one should question me and i only shout at others. I dream like a hero in movies and in reality quite opposite. Buy any doll and name it the person you hate too much, and release all your frustration happily.
Here we are not advising you, but with true friendship and love we care each other.
In reciprocating you must value our inputs.
If you are totally depressed and in frustration condition, please contact the below site.
You can move to some ashram of your choice.
Some ashram may charge but some do not.
You have to be busy is social cause / sewa there in daily routine life.
Find such ashrams and get some peace first !

All have problems !
We can pray only !
Everything is in His hands only !


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good morning anup ji.Matters have gone beyond my tolerence level.I have already been duped of over 2o cr by my brother.
I had not a nd ever wanted these personal matters ever on the forum because i know many who laugh at me and think i am always using you all for money.I have been hospitalised twice in aug and oct .Both my feet and elbow are to be operated upon.Stll smiled although i am under the care of all senior professors safdarjung sports and spinal care center at safdarjung hopital and max saket
they all are so close and like family and not misguiding me.I even am going thru the trauma when the ortho prof did counselling for my enlarged left bunion.There is an 80% chance of loosing 2/3 of my foot and still smiling.Had 2 minor attacks and my heart is skipping rythm and beats .pulse 40 and much m0re .coming my way
Due to fraudulent means by my father in law he has taken over our current house we are living in.Im facing abuses and even got my ribs cracked by my ow son.Sold off all my cars and i can tell you thousands of other problems.I sleep for max 2 hours and my body is resisting medicines and at times given 10 times the dose of anaesthesia than a normal person can take.
How can i be normal.My family is broken anyone will go mad but i held on to myself somehow.please forgive me for such a long post.You will get shocked seeing how i look but its my destiny.

I have lost everything and have no solution except leave all the worldly stuff i have been collecting and wish to lead a simple and peacefull life and also hope no more blood transfusions.i want to live a very simple life.This is all i can say at the moment
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It is a saying 'Once Bitten Twice Shy'

Having been duped by Brother, you have been so careless that you have been duped by your Father-in-Law ??

What have you learnt in life ?

When your Wife and Son turn against you, with this type of misdemeanor, I do not think they are in the wrong. Now you want to shirk off from all your liabilities and run away - you are the most Coward of all.

If you have been brave enough to fight your health concerns, as you claim, show the same courage again and fight the odds. I would not support your running away.