Need help identifying a specific motorcycle shop in Leh


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Hey all,

I rented a motorcycle for a few weeks while in Leh this past summer and am considering doing the same this upcoming year as well. I rented from what looked like the biggest shop in town - the one not far from the Fort and the mosque, with dozens of bikes in their courtyard, just adjacent to the little shops where they sell the freshly baked Kashmiri bread. They were all 500's and Himalayan bikes.

Anyone know the name of this shop or how I can contact them? I couldn't seem to find anything online but I may just be passing over them.

Basically, I'm trying to find out when they open each year, as we're wanting to rent a bit earlier than usual and ride in April or May. If no one knows the shop that I described above, does anyone know when all the bike shops in town typically open shop for the year?

Thanks again for your help.
Most bike rentals are open in summer starting May onwards.

If you can see any number on Google ask them their opening time and if possible they may be able to arrange earlier too.


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Thanks for your reply. The issue is that I don't have contact information for this particular business, and they were good enough that I'd like to work with them again.

That being said, if most places open in May it would work to just show up!