Need Help on Camping Equipment


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Hi BCMTian's

I have finally been able to resurrect myself after five years for a trip that I will definitely share with you once its over.

But before that, I need some expert advice on items that I am trying to procure in New Delhi (online bhi chalega but it shouldn't cost a bomb)

I found Han's Butane Gas Canisters at Adventure 18 South Ex New Delhi (Price 900 each) (Volume 450ml) The guy said it should last 5 hours of cooking time.

My concerns are :

1) It is worth the price ?
2) I will cook atleast 1 hour every day for two weeks (long trip you know)

Morning - Cook one hot beverage and 2nd prepare one simple meal (pasta/ porrige/maggi etc)
Evening - I will cook once for a hot beverage/2nd time for meal/3rd time for hot water bag.

Will one gas canister be sufficient for the trip or should I take 2?

Also the burner is costing around 2000rs :(

Is there a cheap option for this from chandni chowk etc. ??

Can I get cheap butane gas from anywhere in delhi / travel adventrue stores cost more IMHO.

I will have more questions about other items as well but I will share once I start getting some concrete help from our veterans.

The only detail I could share as of now is that the ride is towards Himalayas from 10 - 25 september (solo) and i will camp myself only away from local crowds so I need to be self sufficient.

Thanks guys for all your help