Need help regarding Gear for the Cycling expedition from Chandigarh to Leh

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    Hello guys,
    I am a Cyclist from Visakhapatnam and looking for few suggestions regarding a trip.
    I have been planning to tour Leh Ladakh on a Bike(bicycle), early next season during te months of June - August. I would either start from Chandigarh or Manali, which is yet to be decided. I have been planning this since a few years. The trip is self supported, and I am planning to do it with a very minimum gear as possible. I know that the entire route has dhabas or Home stays, but I would like to do a camping style trip. I would be accompanied by another Cyclist friend for the trip.
    Hence I would like to get some information from the experienced travellers who have had done the route before.

    1. Is it allowed to pitch a tent in the villages enroute.
    2. If so, Is it safe to pitch a tent. I am worried about the safety most.
    3. I would like to purchase a tent, prefeably a 2 person Tent, that is durable and light weight.
    I have checked various websites, and I found few options but was not satisfied. I am looking for cheaper options there than very expensive gear.
    4 . A sleeping bag and matress which is Economical as well as durable for the trip.
    I have found that sleeping bags are rated according to the temperature. Being a newbie, I am doubtful regarding the type of bag that caters atthe need. Do I require a sleeping bag that has comfort rating at 10 degrees, or do I need anymore better, like a sub zero rating bag.
    5. As the trip would be anytime between June to August, do I need any extra gear to carry, like rain wear, waterproof clothing etc.

    Hopefully I get answers to my questions and thanks in advance.
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    How many days are you planning to schedule for this trip?

    You can certainly pitch your own tent and stay in it, but it will drastically increase the amount of gear you will need to carry. Add to that, between Darcha and Rumtse, there are no villages. So you will have to pitch your tents near the dhabas. Add to that, there are few sources of fresh clean water en route, so you will have to factor that in as well or buy water for your needs.

    Rain and snowfall can occur in Ladakh during June and it would be quite cold as well with at least the residual snow at passes like Rohtang, Baralacha and Tanglang La. July and August are monsoon months in North India (pre monsoon showers begin around end of June.) So you will face rain till Baralacha La, if you travel during that time of year.

    Check out options at Decathlon, they multiple types of tents. You will need something which can withstand high velocity winds and is light, a combination which will result in expensive tent.

    Find a sleeping bag which is rated for -10 degrees Celsius, temperature between Baralacha La and Tanglang La can dip below freezing at night, even during summer, so it is best to err on the side of caution. Though -5 degree sleeping bag ought to be fine as well.
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    Hello Sir,
    Thank you for the detailed explanation of my query. My trip would be around 12-15 days if it's from Manali and more than that if in case I Start from Chandigarh.
    Actually I am not impressed with the stuff in Decathlon, as I found the tent too fragile.
    I would surely search for a sleeping bag with the mentioned temperature rating sir. With a brief search I found these stuff, please let me know that these would be adequate for the trip.

    1. Tent: Camp Nagoa 2
    NAGOA 2 TENT online Adventureaxis
    2. Sleeping Bag

    Please let me know, whether they would be good for the trip. Also I would like to know what's the best time for the trip if it's not in julJ August. Do I need o prepone it to May June season or after September.
    Thank you

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