Need info on solar panels in india

sumit sharma

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would there be separate system for water and lighting or the solar system is enough for all the needs?

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Solar System means something very different from what you seem to think!
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As per my best knowledge water heating systems are entirely different from solar electric generation panels used for lighting and other power related requirements. I got the former installed in one of my previous companies.
Please elaborate your exact requirement.
would anyone be able to provide information about solar system??????????:)
Solar System?????

According to wikipedia:

The Solar System consists of the Sun and those celestial objects bound to it by gravity, all of which formed from the collapse of a giant molecular cloud approximately 4.6 billion years ago.:grin::grin:

sumit sharma

Life - A Daring Adventure
thanks for the response

i am taking about the solar sytem for lighting on a building for about 3 and half floors.


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What will be the exact power requirement (in kw) ?
And why you need it at the first place ?
Solar panels are still very costly affair, perhaps a genset can do the job more effectively within very less budget (comparatively).

surender deswal

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if you are talking about solar power then, i have this solar system , used it in my recent trek and was happy to carry it.. :D
I saw ur panel very tempting bro.Can you please tell me what accesseries needed with it for remote treks where camera and cellphone charging is required.Also how much did it cost?Is it available in delhi and where?:)

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every time i traveler & trekked i always faced the situation of night lights, kaput mobile batteries and most important had to thin k twice before using my camera for loss of battery. then this year i thought that i need to do something as my trek to kedartal iv very vital and i cant afford missing a single shot... so i scratched my with to find solution in solar power supply... and yes i am very much satisfied to have used it...
and we had music blast @13K fts with the help of this solar panel :) and charged all camera bateries, no one was afraid of getting their camera's battery dead...
@surender, the solar panel i got for 1500, all mobile charging accessories for 120, 2 LED halogens (for night camp lighting) for 100 each, one 12V/7.5A battery for 500, one DC to AC converter for 500... uhh i think i got all :D
and yess also had MP3 music player which played any kinda USB stuff... :D