Need info on solar panels in india


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every time i traveler & trekked i always faced the situation of night lights, kaput mobile batteries and most important had to thin k twice before using my camera for loss of battery. then this year i thought that i need to do something as my trek to kedartal iv very vital and i cant afford missing a single shot... so i scratched my with to find solution in solar power supply... and yes i am very much satisfied to have used it...
and we had music blast @13K fts with the help of this solar panel :) and charged all camera bateries, no one was afraid of getting their camera's battery dead...
@surender, the solar panel i got for 1500, all mobile charging accessories for 120, 2 LED halogens (for night camp lighting) for 100 each, one 12V/7.5A battery for 500, one DC to AC converter for 500... uhh i think i got all :D
and yess also had MP3 music player which played any kinda USB stuff... :D
Thats a decent set of equipments you have :)
Still scratching my head for this "2 LED halogens". Aren't LED & Halogen two different things ?

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actually this is the word given by the person who gave me the lights... hes said the LED's will give light like halogen bulbs :p :p hencs LED halogens... sahi kaha Anup sir, bhavnao ko samjho :D :D
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Where did you pick this set up from, I am really interested in getting one for myself, would appreciate if you could locate the number and location of the dealer....