Needed: PG accommodation at Kargil for one month


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Sirjee- I am very much new in this famous and fabulous touring site. I am a reporter and writer by profession. I need to do a project on Ladakh and Drus sector. So I have to stay there for atleast one month. I saw in many websites that there are so many hotels over there in Kargil city. But I need a low-cost domestic accomodation over there in Kargil city for one month. Can I get any idea or reference from you friends and Yogesh sir ? By the way I am reaching there on 16/17th April 2014. Please guide me.

Yogesh Sarkar

Sorry no idea about PG accommodation, however it should be easily available, considering the fact that Kargil gets quite a few migrant workers in season.

However since you are traveling in off season, when Zoji La would be about to open or freshly opened, it would be a good idea to get accommodation booked for the first few days at JK Tourism Guest House. District Tourist Officer should be able to help you book accommodation there 01985 – 232721.


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Fantastic Sirjee. Thank you very much for your valuable idea.

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Sirjee - can you please provide me some more information regarding JK Tourism Guest House in kargil ? Do you know the website of this guest house ?


In June 2012,I met two guys,private engineers engaged with Army at Drass JK tourist guest house at Drass.
They had been staying in GH for many days.
I guess,you should try at main JK tourism GH which is situated at lower side of Kargil town.It also houses Asst Director office within.It is also bigger complex with many rooms.
Try your luck there.Best of luck.