Neha Snacks, Leh

Yogesh Sarkar

Neha Snacks is a savior of sorts for Indians heading to Ladakh in winter. It is one of the few North/South Indian Restaurants, which is open throughout the year and serves excellent food. While ambiance is nothing to write home about, food more than makes up for it.


I have had chole-bhature here and I have also had veg thali, the latter is probably the healthier and more fulfilling option and one I decided to have, this time around. For Rs. 120, you get rice, couple of rotis, dal (Rajma in my case), subzi (mixed veg) and another dish (kadi in my case).


Even though I have never been a fan of mixed veg, the one served by Neha Snacks was finger licking good and the best dish in the entire thali!

Overall, Neha Snacks is an excellent place to have breakfast, lunch and dinner at, provided you are ok with the ambiance and don’t mind walking through the main market, which is in shambles these days due to reconstruction activity.

Yogesh Sarkar

As mentioned in the first post, it is located in the main market. Ask anyone where Neha Sweets is and they will point you to the right direction.


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Neha Cafe.. Wow real yummy food. In my winter trip this jan Neha cafe was one of the two good food joints open in Leh Market area. Me being a south indian would say that the Masala Dosa served at Neha Cafe is the best. All should try it..