New 250 from Kawasaki is actually a 300.


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Introducing the all-new 2013 Ninja 250, a full-fairing sports bike with a powerful 249 cm3 Parallel Twin engine.
In addition to more aggressive new Ninja styling, the new Ninja 250 offers more exciting ride performance. The engine features new crankcases, new pistons and an all-new aluminium die-cast cylinder. And complementing its new frame, a wider rear tyre and numerous other chassis improvements significantly improve the bike’s overall performance.
Further, reduced vibration and new heat management technology result in ride quality and comfort that exceed the 250-class. Many small components were also redesigned and given better finishing for a higher quality appearance, ensuring new Ninja 250 outshines all other bikes in its class.

Kawasaki Indonesia got a privilege to launch the latest ninja 250 first because Indonesia is the largest Ninja 250 market, ahead of brazil and US. The research for the new ninja was first started in 2008. Just after the 2008 ninja 250 was launched, the development was based on the research in Indonesia and some other countries, the particularly took research took 2 years in Indonesia, it isn’t mentioned here whether it would be for the global market too or not but i am pretty sure it would But you can see that this ninja has been announced at Japan Kawasaki Website . . . so i think its a global motorcycle. The delivery start in late August for non ABS and October for ABS version.

from the press confrence it will be announced as a global market product. price in indonesia $ 4.990 and for ABS $ 5.690 Include Tax.
Source: Welcome all new 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250R FI « TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

Product is listed on Kawasaki Indonesia website too
Ninja 250r with ABS: Kawasaki Motor Indonesia

Ninja 250r: Kawasaki Motor Indonesia

Thanks for the info Viny sir. I never expected Kawasaki to launch a motorcycle in Indonesia before Europe, US or even Japan. Lets see how much better 300R is over its 250cc clone.


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I guess it will be the 250 only in India as bajaj won't like to confuse its customers with 300 or 250.the external features looks the same on both bikes but power is different,so a guy who just wants to have a sports bike feel 250 us good but the TRUE racing enthusiasts will definitely want a 300.......


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Hello Everyone,
Finally,I am all set to buy a Ninja, but confused now,whether to wait for Ninja 300r( which i would surely love to have) or buy the existing Ninja 250r.
Any speculations turning into reality! How much wait...God knows...?!


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Well wait would be anywhere between 6m - 1yr, there are lot many other releases in line, its also possible that it might not show up in India
KTM 390 or Pulsar 350/375 is on cards ...