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I love to travel and previously I had taken all the pictures through my Samsung Star (3.2 MP) mobile camera. In October 2014, I had purchased my first digital Panasonic FZ70. I am posting some of my random pictures with the new gear. Please comment and critic to improve my photography. (Don't hesitate to say Very very Bad :) ).

Before New Year.jpg



Happy New Year
My comments on first three images,

1st Image: The monument is well exposed and composition is good. However avoid using signatures / names wherever possible.

2nd Image: Stunning - no comments.

3rd Image: The image appears incomplete / confusing with many elements competing for viewer's attention. For a better impactful image it could be either of,

a. Only of the sky showing the drama of clouds with sun light, or
b. A small portion of sky with silhouette of tree line ( with equal importance given to all trees, or
c. A single tree with sky backround, completely eliminating all other trees or any part of them.