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Hi Debashish, I really appreciate your efforts to do good photography. Like all of us , your results do vary. Some come out good and some not so good . It is important that we understand why an image succeeded while another failed.
I take two examples from previous pages, the first is the 1st photo of the page , a clock tower in the garden and second , the last one that is of the bridge. The clock tower image for me is a much better image than the bridge. Now I try to analyze why the clock tower is appealing so much more .

  1. It has a very strong central subject , the tower itself. The bridge photo is crying for a stronger subject, say a passing car or a few hill folks.
  2. The exposure of the clock tower is better, the sky beautifully blue throughout . The right part of the sky in the bridge shot is blown out.
  3. The distractions in the clock tower image are present but are of less impact. The mobile towers etc. are not distracting my eye compared to the regal presence of the tower itself . On the other hand the hut , jeep, people in the bridge photo, mainly due to lack of a strong central subject is causing a lot of distraction.
  4. The image corner in the bridge shot , with the tree on the right hand side and a branch on the top left hand corner is not adding anything. Image corners and sides are extremely important and needs careful framing.
Now where both the shots could do better:-
  • A strong human figure which could add substantially to the bridge photo and marginally to the clock tower photo.
  • Use of leading line is commendable but the clock tower has tilt , perhaps due to lens distortion , should be rectified.
  • The tower image is perhaps shot in the midday , while the bridge was shot while there was substantial haze. Such issues should be taken into account.
Hope this evaluation helps

Somnath Goswami
While the earlier post explains beautifully the reason as why the image lacks impact, I would wish to add the following from my end.

a. Firstly, all components of the image are fighting for viewers attention. A casual viewer will be lost as which one is the main subject, the bridge, the vehicle, the hill line or the tree scape.
b. In order to make the image impactful, the composition should be on a single element other elements are to be eliminated straight away.

Other ways of shooting the same image:

a. If the intended subject was Bridge structure then make surethat elements such as Vehicle and people are eliminiated entirely. Sky and hills should occupy lesser space. this can be done by reducing the depth of field and lowering the height of camera. Secondly you have to choose another point for shooting where the Bridge alignment is at an angle and not upstraight.
b. If the intended subject was the hill line/ treeline on the other side of the bridge, then make surethat elements such as Vehicle and people are eliminiated entirely. Shooting through the bridge can be done at a steep angle. Sky and Bridge should occupy far lesser space. this can be done by lowering the height of camera. Using wider focal length is mandatory. You can better choose another point for shooting from where the Bridge alignment runs parellel to the frame or at a very low angle and not perpendicular.

All in all, you could experiment with WB settings to eliminate the strong cool cast, which makes the image look hazy. A diffused flash could have helped signifcantly imrove the color and contrast on closer objects

Hope this helps

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Another from Dooars:

Well in my humble opinion, this is a good attempt but the following areas are to be addressed.

a. The top portion of first line of trees have been chopped off which ideally should have been avoided by using a wider focal length.
b. The sky lacks drama of clouds. In case where the sky was just plain, the image could have been underexposed slightly by say one stop, to get uniform rich tone in the sky.
c. An element of pointed interest such as say either a water body, or a hill, or sun, or birds etc would have added substance.
d. In my opinion, the same image if taken during the golden hour, or in sepia tone or in B/W or blue monochrome would have been much more impactful.