New Delhi - Bir - McLeod -New Delhi Jan 2021


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A trip much needed, a road trip after a year of non stop grinding work. It was time head to - BIR, HIMACHAL PRADESH. This time it wasn't on my bike but on Kia Seltos (IVT). It's just a few months old and wanted experience how it feels during a hill drive.

The best time to visit Bir for Paragliding is during September - October as the conditions become favorable for longer flight time. But this adventure sport is active throughout the year.

There are multiple ways to reach Bir - best is to drive it down. You can also hop on to direct volvo buses that ply from New Delhi as well.

Distance :- New Delhi - Bir approx 600kms ( because of route option 3 )

There are different routes available to reach Bir. It completely depends on your itinerary. Whether you want to visit bir or if you want to add Shimla or Mcleod in your plan.


New Delhi - Shimla - Mandi - Bir ( Not ideal if not visiting Shimla, this route is equal to madness )

OPTION 2 :- New Delhi - Ambala-Una-Kangra-Palampur-Bir ( This is something that google maps will suggest you ). But the modification to this is - Amb - Chintpurni- Kangra route instead. It’s faster than what google maps suggest. Less traffic and wider roads. DO NOT TAKE INTERIOR ROADS as it's filled with traffic movements and narrow roads. you will not enjoy the drive one bit.

nd - bir 2.jpg

OPTION 3 :- New Delhi - Ambala - Ludhiana - Hoshiarpur - Chintpurni- Kangra - Palampur- Bir.

Trust me this is the best route you can travel on. Faster - less traffic movement - nature at its best as you will be driving through forest range.

nd - bir 3.jpg

I have been to bir in the past and I have experienced pro's and con's of each these routes leading to Bir. My fav now is the Ludhiana - Hoshiarpur route. It’s a must take route. Let me share some videos of this route. I am sure you will understand why I am pitching for this option.
With option 3 you can also include Mcleodganj to your plan. Again a nice place to visit for some lovely food and loads of shopping

So that's about the route details. So, what about stay

There are multiple stay options available in Bir. It's better to get a reservation done before arriving rather than hunt for options the last minute. You have Zostel 2.0, The hosteller, homestays , private hotels around Bir Market area. Also, camping options which is a few kms away. Options like Camp BirBilling is a great place to stay. Quiet, peaceful and loaded with basic amenities.

My stay was at The hosteller, which is about 10 min walking distance from the landing site. Booking was done online with a 10% discount. My experience was just about average, things could have been better managed at the property.



I started from New Delhi at 11:30PM and journey according to map was to take around 12hrs. Due to farmer protest Singhu border was closed. So, I took the Eastern Peripheral Expressway. Flyover construction from Sonipat to Panipat range meant lot of diversions. Thankfully, I was driving around 2AM so the traffic movement was less but still there was madness all around. I could never understand what happens to some drivers the moment they enter a highway. It feels like they want to cover a distance of 100km in just about a few minutes.

People, have some patience while driving on highway's. Specially, when you have your families along with you. Don't be a nut-head and try stupid over-taking maneuver's which puts you and others in danger. One wrong move and cause life long misery for a family. Choice is yours

Being January, one fear I had was foggy conditions with zero visibility, thankfully that wasn't the case today. Weather was clear and soon the first site of snow clad mountain range

Image Location :- Dedo, 20 kms before Ranital, Himachal Pradesh

Image Locstion :- Pathankot - Mandi highway, Bajiath ( NH- 154)

This is a short video of my journey from Bir - McLeod. road conditions were really good.

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