New reference website for Himachal Pradesh for travelers


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I hope that it's not against the rules and it is the correct place for it.
Using my free time over the last 4-5 weeks, I have made a website . I have kept it simple and primarily text based to keep it easier to process and also because I'm too cheap to spend more money on a web-designer. My intentions are:

1) Provide a neutral, spamfree source of information to travelers interested in Himachal Pradesh.
2) Promotion of offbeat destinations and activities.
3) Make it easy for people to collect information and plan their journey.

As of now, forums like this are fairly good source, Wikitravel is nice, but they have certain limitations. Former has too much and scattered information which is difficult to process. Latter has too much spam and quality of information is doubtful in many cases.

My sources of information for this website are books, government issued tourist brochures and my own personal experiences and those of trusted acquaintances. The website is still under construction and am adding more information whenever possible. I have some requests for you people though:

1) Please take 2-3 minutes to visit the site and provide your feedback.
2) If you have information, pictures or something relevant about some place, please share it. You'll get proper credit with a backlink or acknowledgement for it.
3) If you've stayed in some really remarkable accommodation, consider sharing the details. I've just put up HPTDC hotels till now and don't want to promote big hotels or make it full of random hotel information like Wikitravel. It is specially relevant for remote destinations which few people know about.


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Working further, I've added a page with some references which include research papers, historical maps and other sources on this link :

In the meanwhile, another similar site, but focusing solely on Lahaul Spiti region is also online:

List of government run guest houses, forest houses and circuit houses is added to already existing list of HPTDC hotels. Some useful phone numbers and other contact details are also added.