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Share your Tips & Tricks or Problems & Solutions for Nikon Camera.
Each company has own types of problems.
I am focusing here on Nikon as I have one D3200.
Though some problems have same solutions for different brands,
we can discus here with our models using.
This will help us in future.

There are many types of problems with Lens, SD Cards, battery, software or hardware issues of a camera.
Solutions are also many.
May be few solutions work with your camera.
SD card detection problem in Nikon Camera !

Nikon Camera not recognizing your SD Card? SOLVED !

Published on Dec 31, 2014
Is your Nikon camera not recognizing your SD CARD? In this short tutorial I'll show you the ONE super easy to solve problem that is causing your Nikon camera to show your SD card as corrupt or damaged. If you think you've lost all your files, don't despair! Hopefully this simple fix will help you recover your lost files quickly and you'll be back to shooting in a jiffy!

Put SD Card in your Card Reader.
Goto Window and delete an unmatched file that is not a photo or video.