Nikon India D-SLR Tutorial is now Live


Hi Guys

First of it's kind attempt by any imaging brand in India, Nikon India launches it's series of D-SLR tutorials, have a look


Yogesh Sarkar

Good move by Nikon. Looking forward to the day when camera manufacturers start including instructional videos with their DSLRs to make it easy for new users.

Yawn, where are canon fanboys with their "We have free canon workshops" rants! :grin:


Oh yes! Thanks for that ;) For that matter, never attended one! Still a good show by Nikon, would be expecting same from Canon as well!

Gaurav Chopra

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Sony has stolen a march on the camera biggies Nikon n Canon-Sony's D-SLR/D-SLT video tutorials going on since last one year:)


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Well Canon boys have to speak up - so here we go :D :)

Canon organizes an intro 1 day workshop at select locations across the country. I almost attended their session here in Mumbai. Last minute plan change canceled my trip there. This is back in 2012. Dont know the situation now. Will check and let everyone know if there are sessions still being conducted. But I agree they should get the tutorials up on youtube. Honestly in our routine lives people hardly have time to spare an entire day to a workshop. YT is the way to go!

Well done Nikon :)

Canon Fanboy! :D