No custom Duty to Import Electronics Under 50K


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As per a notification issued by Ministry of Commerce and Industry on 12th Aug, 2016 Consumer electronics (except hearing aids and life saving equipment's, apparatus and appliances and parts thereof) provided that the e.i.f. value of the goods do not exceed rupees fifty thousand will be exempted from duty.

I did check with a senior customs official regarding the validity of the notification and he did accept that this notification has been received by them. But he added that since customs falls under Ministry of Finance, his department has asked for a few clarifications from the Ministry of Commerce. He added and advised that not to order/import electronics till the custom department receives all the clarifications which may take a week or two due to all the red tapism.

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Just checked the link that you've mentioned:

Update 2: We did some digging around and it seems that the notification only addresses the earlier standing order which had a flat rate of 41.492% for any item costing over Rs 2,000. That limit has now been increased to Rs 50,000. So any item whose CIF value is less than Rs 50,000 will be assessed at appropriate duty rates (usually between 2 to 28%), and not at a flat rate of 41.492% as earlier. In short, there is no duty waiver as we reported earlier, but still, it’d result in lower duties thanks to the increased limit

Is there any more clarity on the "appropriate duty rates"?
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I can see the notification as online business is getting benefit from it.
Specially Amazon / eBay / Ali Express etc. They are doing PR for good business. May be this cartel make some big deal from back doors.