No Incoming Calls !!!


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I am using Nokia Lumia 925 with Win 8.1 OS on Idea network. Since 2-3 days people have complained that they can't reach me as my phone mostly shows out of coverage error. I've got a few calls but not all of them.

On the other side there is no problem with outgoing calls, sms, data!!!

Any suggestion how to sort this out ?


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The obvious thing is to re-boot the phone, but I'm sure you must already have done that.
Nokia/Microsoft phones sometimes misbehave in the manner you have described if you have some numbers in the 'blocked' list. Clear that list and see if that helps.
Else, just do a reset. Use Contacts and messages backup utility to back up to SD card. Later you can restore from there, if needed. Most of the recent WhatsApp messages will get restored if you choose the option to restore when WhatsApp starts.


Armchair Traveller :(
Thanks Anupji for the details write up.

I tried some of the stuff but things didn't improve. So went to a repairer. He removed the Sim... cleaned the slot and inserted the sim back... and Voila... Problem gone. He said at times sim moves a bit in the tray and causes such problem.


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You can try other mobile also when such problem arise again.
Keypad mobiles have better Antenna of 2G class.
Sometimes Network is also the problem.