No marriage due to biking hobby :(


Not yet... It's always a dilemma for me. I'm not in relationships right now. My ex, who I met on a dating site, was not related to biking in any way. I first thought it's good, because a person should have their own hobby. But since biking is not just a hobby, but a part of my life, there should be a place for it for both of us, me and my partner. So now, I've stated in my profile at ***lack app, that I'm in search of a girl who likes biking or at least active sport. Actually, I'm not that geek that chooses biking sacrificing relationships (or maybe sometimes), but I think if my gf loved it, things would be better.
It is very and very important to date (and marry in the future) the person which shares your hobbies or likes similar things you do. I guess if you like to drink beer every single evening and your girlfriend lives a super healthy lifestyle, I am sure 99% it will not work out. It is exactly what happened to me and my ex. I was taking supplements from online pharmacy and exercising almost every single day and she was sipping her wine at the same time.
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