Noida to Jaipur


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What is the best route from Noida to Jaipur?
Need to come back same day.
Just 1-2 places to visit.



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Most straight forward answer would have been:
Noida >> Airport >> Gurgaon >> Chandwaji >> Jaipur

But, I want to give you some unwanted gyaan... ;)

Start at 4 am from Noida. Hit NH-8. Cross Gurgaon by 5AM. Drive straight towards Jaipur. Halt at Hotel Highway King near Shahpura for breakfast.
Don't take the left on fork at Chandwaji. It will bypass the Jaipur city. Continue straight from here.

You'll be in Jaipur City by 10AM. By this time, most shops will be open and you'll face the usual city traffic.
Park your car in some Shopping Mall basement, and hire a taxi to avoid Parking woes. Jaipur city is as notorious for parking related matter as our NCR is! :p
Visit the places you want to, and pick you car and drive back to Delhi from same NH-8.

If you are going on a weekday, start a bit late from Jaipur say at about 5-5.30PM so that you can avoid the peak rush hour at Gurgaon.
If it's a weekend, you can do whatever you wish to. :D

I'd suggest to halt for a night and come back next day. Jaipur has lot many places to explore. It's an experience to get into bylanes of Old City.