North-East Added To My Nexon's List!


I always wanted to ask you one question.
How do you manage to find COCO bunks always ? be it BP or HP or anything :)
Please give out your secret :)

Pankaj Zarekar

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@J.Ravi sir, after following you on RE-TBTS thread, I am behind you in XYV thread now :-D

I am about to book New Age XUV5OO (2015) tomorrow. Zeroed on W6 variant. bad part is they have ripped down fog lamps from W6 as compared to earlier version.

Any rough idea about the cost of OEM foglamps at Mahindra ASS? I know that ASS has not made foglamps of facelifted XUVavailable as an accessory yet. But even rough idea of the earlier version will give me an ballpark idea of the cost.

Pankaj Zarekar

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Booked it yesterday.
W6, Black PUMA!

No free accessories, no discounts. Only breather is I will arrange a insurance quote and dealer will match that. Impatient wait begins.

Now what accessories to plan for?

Pankaj Zarekar

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Congratulations and best wishes.

Alloy wheels.

Thank you sir. May not go for alloy as budget is already overshot by 1.5L :-D

I was reading up some literature on web, and found that roof carrier is the most elegant roof carrier. But it has steep price to pay for its uniqueness.
Also notices that XUV roofrails are flush with the roof. So my question is how do they fit it? Is there any opening to rails to expose load points where carriers fit in?