North East Tri State Road Trip. Assam, Arunachal, Nagaland


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Two Filters i must take on this trip.

one is the Circular Polariser.
so that i can cut out reflections from the aircraft window
when clicking Himalayas from the flight.

ND8 Filter,
in case i come across some nice waterfalls
so that flowing water appears like silk.
which is unlikely this time of year.



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Just made this Skater.
3D Printed.
and the Flex Tilt Head is also 3D Printed.

This goes with me
will take 360 deg videos of parathas or tandoori chicken.



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One day left for departure,

A check of weather today for NE.

Flight is on 20 Nov 19
I hope the skied over Everest and other peaks are clear so i can click from the flight.

NE Tu 19.jpg


@rameshtahlan @adsatinder
For the first time i'm seeing this kind of weather forecast for NE. The accurate weather info is never available in IMD for this region, particularly higher reaches.

What is the source? Will it be available on demand? What about Anini, Kibithoo? Weather forecast for these places will be available also on demand?
Weather thread has all.
BBC weather is source clearly told many times.

Check :