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"A fit, healthy body-
That is the best fashion statement."

Years ago human beings relied on available foods and herbs for medicine for wellbeing and healthy. But unfortunately in last few years we have forgotten our knowledge of nontoxic, simply available home remedies.
While allopathic medicines have their own value and definitely should be used to treat numerous diseases, but on other front if we follow simple practices like exercise, walking, good eating habits and last but not the least natural available fresh and whole foods definitely someone can keep himself away from diseases.
Nature’s food or naturally available foods contain powerful properties in form of enzymes and several beneficial nutrients, and knowing how to use those beneficial natural medicines enables to be healthier, happier and free from the damages of disease.
After all ‘HEALTH IS WEALTH’:):)
SO guys I am sharing beneficial medicinal property of whole foods which can be useful in daily routine or to keep ourselves healthy and fit in a natural way.

I have 100s of whole food healing benefits if it is useful then I will try to post two to five whole foods every time.
Data summarize from experienced persons, various sites and books.

Almonds: Just eat at least 2 almonds a day plain, roasted or overnight soak in the water.

Health Benefits
Nervous system
Cardiovascular system
Lungs and respiratory system
Skin and hair
Excellent source of Flavonoids
Support immune system

Healing benefits
Dry Cough
Kidney stones
Heart diseases
High cholesterol
Blood sugar

Asparagus: A greenish purple spring vegetable have spear top and pointed head. Great food for weight loss. Healthy way to consume is either blanched or sautéed.

Health benefits:
Rich in amino acids
Loaded with antioxidants
Good Source of Fiber and Vitamins
Blood sugar regulation

Healing benefits:
Helps in cataracts and other eye problems
Irregular bowel movements
Controls blood sugar level
Helps in cancer
Helps in various digestive problems
Reduce bad cholesterol

Ginger: Kind of root or underground stem use extensively as spice, ayurvedic medicine and flavoring agent.

Health Benefits:
Boost immune system
Aphrodisiac effect
Helps digestive system
Maintain inflammation of body
Excellent natural antibiotic
Clear respiratory track
Control Cough and cold

Healing benefits:
Proven anti vomiting qualities
Effective in nausea, headache & chest congestion
Very effective for motion sickness (must have in car kit as powder, ginger candy, biscuit or fresh root)
Helpful as pain killer
Digestive disorder
Arthritis related problem


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Thanks... adsatinder and you are right Hindi or common names can be easy to understand.

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Here is the second installment

Cabbage/Pattagobi: Wonderful leafy vegetable belongs to same family of Brussels sprouts, Kale, Broccoli and Cauliflower.

Health Benefits:
Powerful antioxidant
Rich in Vitamin C which helps the body develop resistance against infections.
Very low in fat & calories, effective for weight loss program
Make bones stronger
Excellent source of fiber
Helps in digestion of meat protein and fat (include cabbage soup or salad with meat)
Cleans blood vessels wall
Outer leaves (often removed while use) are Rich in vitamin E and Omega-3

Healing Benefits:
Helps in bone & joint related problems
Beneficial in liver related problems
Improve Immune system
Stomach ulcer
Constipation & stomach pain
Juice of cabbage helps in Hangover
Helps in controlling heart rates and blood pressure

Bell pepper: Colorful sweet family of red, yellow, green and orange also known as Shimla Mirch contains loads of nutrients. Can be consumed raw, hot and cold soups, sautéed or even makes jam for breakfast spread.

Health benefits:
Due to color pigment excellent source of carotenoid
Boost Immune system, helps body to develop resistant against diseases
Superb source of Vitamin C & A
Increase metabolic rates hence excellent to fight fat and ideal for weight loss program
Beneficial for skin, eyes and digestive system
Fat free and low in calories

Healing Benefits:
Red pepper contains helpful pigment and antioxidant which helps in Prostate cancer and heart Disease
Beneficial in cataract and to maintain healthy eyesight
Useful in iron deficiency as it helps to absorb Iron
Reduces bad cholesterol and maintain blood pressure
Very good for diabetic patients
Good for respiratory tract diseases


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