Offline Maps for Us Travellers


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After having been lost, hopelessly, at night in small towns and villages of India because of no network to power my maps, I only rely on offline maps on my phone.

(Offline maps will work even if you have no SIM card, as long as your phone is able Tom on next to GPS satellites).

So the solution that works for me, on the iPhone is:

NaviMaps voice guided navigation powered by MapMyIndia. Pretty good, let's me save routes, create them, and fairly detailed.

Nokia Here Maps:
Their maps are now available offline for IndiA and are very well detailed.

As of now I prefer NaviMaps as they are faster.

NavMii offers downloadable offline maps based on OSM which is nice too, but OSM isnT that well detailed for India yet, unless us travellers start contributing.

Would love to know what the rest of us are doing?
Orux Maps
Osmand Maps


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a Google app

App to check whrre you are and make a route.
Later use it as a route or track.