OLX Part 3. Tata Zest AMT D.


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Not sure about AMT, I always switch from D to S and vice versa without applying brake and shifted to N a couple of times.

I wonder doing this in AT will hurt the transmission but at the same time could not find any good logic of shifting to N at higher speeds.

N is not a gear, it just frees the wheel from transmission/engine.

Never tried shifting to R while the vehicle is in motion. :mrgreen:

Not in amt
You are asked to use break paddle too. (๑ↀᆺↀ๑)

Even in AT, doing neutral can harm the GB. :)

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Time for some updates.
Car is not used much. Hardly 15K KM used in last 2-3 years.

There was AMT warning, so got the AMT clutch opened. Labor charges for this are more than 3K at tata.
So I decided to change the clutch plates and ordered them in advance.

Old plates came out clean so replacement was not necessary, but anyway went ahead with replacement of all plates for precaution.

Tata has used the largest diameter plates from SUMO on this AMT. And that gives this clutch a life of usually 2Lac KM.
I did not believe this earlier, but I think it is right.

The problem is not the clutch, it is that AMT unit has become harsh with time and specially in cold operations. You feel it on 1st gear change.
But its not bad but nothing impressive too.


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GT5 Crossed 1 Lakh KM.
She is 8 years old now.
Doing good duty.

Small issue started coming. The steering rack has KatKat sound. Mechanic says its not a risk, run it for a year or so and we can repair after that.


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One very awesome thing I was able to get done at Tata Motors , sector 5 Noida is:

"Change of AMT Hydraulic Fluid"

No workshop anywhere wants to touch an AMT unit. Response is 'Sir, its too risky. If AMT goes kaput, it will cost you 3 Lakh'.

I knew what I was doing so I asked them to do it on my risk. Mechanic was good, I worked with him a bit and he understood what I was asking.
We used the small pipe and suction injection, and pulled most of fluid from reservoir (After removing the battery) and replaced the fluid. Repeated the process a few times. And managed to remove most of the bad 8 year old fluid and replaced equal quantity (+ 100ml extra).

After 2-3 hours of slowly doing this, he packed the car again.
With fingers crossed, I took the risk of starting the car and tried it. NO error codes, no locked gears etc. Came home carefully.

NOTE: also change the gear oil (Synthetic), usually good for 60-70K KM. But anyway changed it.

Its been 1 month. AMT response is much smooth now.
If you have a good mechanic, access to original Patronas AMT Fluid (Not gear oil), and know how to do it, I recommend changing AMT fluid after 5 years of 50K KM or 40K Gear Shifts.

Companies claim this fluid to be "Sealed for life", but it is not.