Om Shiv buffet house,Pushkar


Rides R Us
if you cant survive on firangi khana in everyday and want dal,chawal and roti everyday this is the place to be.

This is quite close to Original Baba restaraunt in Choti Basti

A quite rooftop restaurant with buffet meal
If you crave for desi kahana in decent place this is the place to go in Pushkar.
Dinner and Lunches at 60 bucks each.
Each as much as you can but dont waste food is a board written at the place.

Food includes roti,rice,two-three sabzis,spaghetti or macroni,dal/kofta,fryums,french fries,acchar,salads,dessert.

There is Gulab Jamun/kalakhand too in desert=D>=D>(That too unlimited:rolleyes::rolleyes:)

Eat as much as you like.What else you would want at 60 bucks.

It seems they have yummy breakfast menu too at 60 bucks.But since most of the items in breakfast were having milk which I hate ,I skipped it.

Opens at 7:30 am and closes at 11:00 in the night.Follow a nice lunch /dinner with meetha calcutta pan at panwalla downstairs.

At 180 bucks you can get three stomachful meals mostly desi items in this place.

Cons:Spaghetti n rice were a little uncooked but other menu items were quite good.

Pics coming up.....