One day trip to Khodala (Near Nasik)


We did a short half day bike trip from Mumbai to Khodala (Near Nasik). The route we did is as below. All the locations can be tracked on Google map. It is recommended to download the map offline as there are spots with no connectivity. This is more of a photo log. I will let the pictures will do the talking.

Thane - Kasara Ghat (via Mumbai - Nasik highway) - Excellent road condition, but lot of traffic till Padgha

Kasara Ghat to Khodala - interior roads, rough patches in between, but scenic and winding route

Khodala to Vaitarna dam view point - again very scenic route with some rough patches in between.

Vaitarna dam to Suryamal via Khodala - riding through scenic winding roads. Valley view at sunset point (Suryamal)

Suryamal to Wada -
Excellent winding roads through jungle

Wada to Thane via Bhivandi - Road in Wada town is hopeless. Road in Bhivandi is hopeless with pathetic traffic. Wada to Bhivandi road is good, but speedbreakers are not marked properly. So need to keep an eye for unexpected bumps at some places. It is better to go back to Mumbai-Nasik highway even if distance is more.

Bikes -
Mahindra Mojo, Royal Enfield Himalayan BS3
Total distance covered - 268 kms (including some detours)
Restaurants - There are no decent restaurants available on the interior roads. There are some good options on Wada Bhivandi road and on Mumbai - Nasik highway. So it is advisable to carry some snacks for munching in case you happen to be on the interior routes at lunch time. We had a breakfast on Mumbai - Nasik highway and a late lunch at a restaurant on Wada Bhivandi route.

Overall impression about this ride - If you want to get away for some time from the mad city rush and enjoy some time with fellow riders or even alone, this is a nice route to explore.



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Been this route a few times. The Bhiwandi traffic is horrendous. But there are many places around here that are divine.