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You can have that in Kandivali West. If coming from Kandivali station to borivali through SV road, you get a signal at poisar (Our lady of remedy school / poisar depot). Take left which goes towards Raghuleela mall and further to Link road. You will cross Raghuleela mall on right, then poisar gymkhana on left and then Kamla Vihar sports club at left hand side. Immideatly after that, you will reach a junction, where on the the left side you will see the statue of Late Astronaut Kalpana Chawla, extreme right hand side, is a police chowki, diagonally right is a BIGG Dmart store. Bang oppoiste to tht, just ahead of the Kalpana Chawla statue there is sort of a food court. Many shops are there in same line, pizza parlours, soda pubs, panipuri stalls, Chinese joints, etc. In that line, you will see mamledar misal at the begining only, may be just besides a helmet waala shop. Name is wriiten at the shop board "thanyachi mamledaar misal"

If coming from the link road, take the right from the big circle in front of the round shape huge building called "Kalpataru Enclave", around 500 mtrs and you are there.

Basic Address: Mamledar misal, Mahavir nagar, near late kalpana chawla chowk, opp D mart. Kandivali west.

Enjoy buddy...
Thanks Gaurav - I have lost the count how many times I've traveled from Borivali to Thane for Mamledar misal. I moved to Bangalore last year but have my house at Borivali in the same neighborhood where Mamledar misal is, according to your update. Will visit the place next time I visit Borivali. I hope the taste is the same as Thane! mouth and eye watering :) Have you tasted it yourself?


Adding few more places for Misal -

1. Sheikh Canteen Bhosari MIDC
2. Law college Canteen - Law college Rd

1. Ambika Misal - Panchavati
2. Bhagwantrao Misal - Main Road, Near Raviwar Karanjaa
3. @ a tapri near LIC chowk - on the way to ganjmal - This one particularly is different - He serves a misal green in color - the masalaa etc is completely different and extremely good



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So much talk and no pics :(

Please post a pic or two, so that morons like me can understand how does it look like, also what all goes into to make it such a delicious dish :)


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So much talk and no pics :(

Please post a pic or two, so that morons like me can understand how does it look like, also what all goes into to make it such a delicious dish :)

Exactly.. atleast ignorant people like me wants to know what is Misal Pav.. please enlighten us with description and pics if possible..

waiting in anticipation..


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vic86 and others
am a diehard missal pav fan( prefer the tan coloured watana gravy,the real traditional usal)
how come nobody mentioned sardar and anand at lalbagh
bhatt opp mtnl exchange after akbarally chembur real awsome and tikha
aswad shivaji park(it is not in watana gravy)
gopal krishna opp the southern exit mahim station superb pav
opp matunga road on tulsi pipe road(below flyover) not tikha enough
sadanand on kataria road opp samadhan(coconutty gravy)
suruchi between ajay shopping centre and samadhan kataria road (a bit bland)
rahul refreshments corner of kataria road and veer savarkar road shivaji park(think it closed down last week)
manohar near shiv sena bhavan shivaji park(dont know if it is still good. havnt eaten there for a couple of years)
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i am afraid i dont agree reg bombay missal
try some places that i have mentioned above specially bhat,anand,sardar and you might change your opinion.
if you like it hot hot ask for additional tikha gravy
bon appetit


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Last week I had Misal at Sanjay Bhel in Saradwadi.
It on Pune- Ahmednagar road. If going from Pune, just after you cross Ranjangaon MIDC, you will find it on your left hand. Its a very small restaurant that serves only Misal and Sukhi Bhel..

Just too good!!!


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Watching Vinod Dua's show on ,just, showed the Misal Pav sold at FTII canteen, Pune.

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Add "Kata-Kirrr" to the list. its in pune in front of Garware college on karve road. Awesome misal!