Orange way of life -KTM 390


After thinking hard for more than 3 months, finally booked the KTM 390 at the BTM showroom in Bangalore.

Bit about the test ride:
The first time I went, was told that the test ride was only allowed in the service road - about 200mts. Couldnt actually resist laughing out loud.
Do you really think I would shell out 2.2l with a test ride of 200mts? Told the salesman to talk to the manager so that I can take it around the block, to which he agreed, but with a pillion.
So I just checked out the response, brakes and low speed treading. All these was pretty good and I never rode above 4.5k RPM.
Very satisfying sprint. For my height(almost 6'), the handlebar was comfortably placed with the back pretty much straight. The foot pegs do tend to present weird but then that's due to the Bull's stance am used to.

I would go for some immediate mods - handle bar raising spacers, better headlamp and a fabricated rear tail bag rack.

Went back to the showroom yesterday, booked one for me and another friend of mine who sold his 4 month old UCE Bullet 500.
My LB 500 will stay for now but if the KTM serves all purposes, will sell it off.

So, the waiting game is on and I believe, I can finally think about rides without worrying much on the bike's issues and enjoy more of the ride itself.

Will keep updating this post once I get the delivery.

Thanks for reading :)
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Congrats Sudhiraa :) When are you expecting it to be delivered ?

Did Shanu also book one ?


Congrats Sudhiraa :) When are you expecting it to be delivered ?

Did Shanu also book one ?
Thanks LB baba :)
If everything goes right, very very soon!
Shanu dint but Suraj did. I think you should try a test ride. This bike will be a new dimension for our touring.


Just back from the showroom. My bike is registered and ready for delivery.
Spent about 2 hours checking the bike out and clicked some pictures.

The things that I checked for:
Coolant level.
Scratches & shoddy paint
Brake fluid level
Engine oil level
Tool kit
Chain lubrication
Functioning of the lights, indicators and horn.

Bought a KTM Racing Polo shirt as well :p


More pics to follow. Will be taking the delivery on Monday(Dad's advice!).


Thanks mate!

Congrats Sudhir for new buy & a prized one.:)
Thank you! Yes, I have high hopes on this ride :grin:

Congrats !
for KTM 390 !
Thanks a lot paaji :)










Few observations:
Switch gear quality - bad. Looks and feels all cheap. Wish Bajaj had put some quality stuff here and added a cost of a grand or so.
Headlamp - Osram Bilux, Made in Germany, H4 55/60W.
Lot of localized spares - for e.g., the radiator.
Fuel pump - if am not mistaken, its by Dellorto.
Cables - shabby work here. Lot of wires, connectors dangling on the LHS, below the fuel tank. Most of them just plain tape wound. Not optimistic about their life.
Handle bar grips - again, cheap quality. Will try to get some quality ones.
Digital console - really nice with hell lot of information. A pleasant orange back light.
Seat - hard but i think this would be ideal for touring.

The bike is almost impossible to be moved with the engine in gear and clutch pulled in(and this is after experience of pushing the Bullet) - need to get more info on this.

The parking light below the headlamp doesn't glow when the Park light mode is on, if the engine is not running - bloody, plain stupid of KTM/Bajaj.
Need to do a workaround since I do not want to be rammed on by some careless fellow on the highway.

Horn is weak. Would be installing Pulsar dual horns soon.

Per the mechanics, the bike comes pre-filled with mineral oil which would be replaced with synthetic at the end of 1000kms.
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