Orange way of life -KTM 390


Congrats Sudhir for the new toy.
Sorry to read about "Rear wheel" on your friends bike. I think the PDI is not the issue with RE only.

Ride safe

Yup, can understand about small niggles but such things, especially after shelling out all the bucks(even otherwise) are totally not acceptable.

Touch wood!
& cheers bro. WOuld've loved to see Suraj's reaction when the axle nut fell off :p
He was like 'WTF, why me everytime!' :grin:

Great Review............................
Great Compensation...............

We want more compensation !
Thank you Satinderjee.

Congrats on purchasing your Orange Teddy !! Let's test ride soon Captain !!
Gaurav, hope the TB 500 holds up with the katoom ;)
Lets do some running in together!

Gaurav Karlitoz! Welcome to BCMT :cool:
Yes yes, warm welcome!!!!

Completed 320kms.
Used the bike in the usually fcuked up Silk board - Whitefield route today. It is a challenge to master the gears and speeds with this bike
but on the return route, I was able to shift better and could feel the bike ran better in all gears.
The heat does bother after real long bumper to bumper traffic - mainly in the left hand side, must be the exhaust header pipe placement.
Is it bearable? It is, but I have a feeling of just having had my trousers ironed :D
Temperature gauge never rose above 9 bars in the console.

After the morning run, noticed that the front brake switch is acting funny. Lights up the brake lamp sometime and doesnt few other time.
A point to check during the service this saturday.

Chain does make some noise during upshift/downshift. I attribute this to the amount of power this ride has. Annoying though.
The chain has already got some slack after 300 odd kms.

Tires are awesome. No amount of banking can be fearful.

Love the humming noise the engine makes while downshifting.
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Great Review !

Chains need to be tightened / adjusted and this is common thing in a new bike.

For Heat Issue,
Take this bike to Ladakh.
You will like ironing all the time !


Great Review !

Chains need to be tightened / adjusted and this is common thing in a new bike.

For Heat Issue,
Take this bike to Ladakh.
You will like ironing all the time !
Yeah am waiting to iron the trousers in Ladakh :twisted:
KTM 390 is known for slack chain after about 500kms of adjustment.

Clocked 360kms. Went to the BTM service centre and got an engine oil change.
The engine oil drain nut has a magnetic filter. I did see quite a bit of metal shavings. So worth the change of oil.
Asked the mechanic to use Motul 7100 10W50 full synthetic oil. Oil filter was changed as well.
1.5l is the quantity consumed. Costed Rs810 per litre.

I complained about the extreme movement of the front brake lever to get any good braking effect and
also about the front brake being fickle about lighting the brake lamp.
The chief mechanic suggested a change of brake lever which was not in stock. So thats an action item.

Also had the handle bar slightly tilted towards the rider - I feel this is better for me.
I am wondering if HH Impulse's handle bar could be used on the KTM - better height.
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Odo: 1360kms.

Got the first service done yesterday at BTM service center. My experience - BAD.
Other than Mr Brahma, the chief mechanic, the rest are real douche bags. I had to tell the guys to clean the disc pads, wipe off the excess chain lube, tighten the bolts. After spending 5 hours of time over there(delay because of other bikes), at one point I lost my temper and had to give them a mouthful and started wiping off the dirt myself.
Got a new front mudguard flap installed since the stock one had fallen off due to vibration :grin:
The magnetic strainer this time had very few metal shavings when compared to the one during 300km oil change.
Again, got Motul 7100 10W50 Full Synthetic for the refill.

Bill amount was 1800Rs.
Oil - Rs710 per liter, 1.5liter.
Filter - 84 bucks.
Rest was coolant top up, chain lubes and labor.

Nevertheless, then went to JC road to get a better headlamp. I am not a big fan of HIDs and xenon lamps. So got the Philips Extremevision H4, 55/60W for Rs500 from Chawla Motors. Then went to MotoCross, got a pair of adjustable levers - brake and clutch. This was a whopping 2.5k. The last buy was Givi handgrips costing 180 bucks.
The stock grip too hard and the pattern on the grips hurts the palm after sometime.

Could not test extensively yesterday night but it does look much better than the stock halogen. Will try to test the illumination alongside a 390 with stock lamps.

Givi hand grips: Cheap but simply awesome. Made such an enormous difference in the riding. Love it!

Adjustable levers: The levers can be adjusted for length and also for the distance from the handlebar - has 6 slots for varying the distance.
Another neat feature is that it twists upwards from the stem and hence during a fall the chances of breaking is very less.
The clutch side does feel a bit weird, perhaps I need to get used to it.

By the way, I also got a Rynox tank bag - the quality is fantastic. Cramster doesnt even come close to the build quality. Will post a review soon.

The Duke runs well. After about 3 weeks of usage, am pretty much adjusted to the posture and the gear changes. Sometimes its a pain to ride the bike in revs below 3k RPM but otherwise very very maneuverable. Mirrors are a waste, half of the image is masked by the rider's arms. So would be putting in Apache's mirrors.
Chain does make annoying noises when riding through potholes and speed breakers - I just have to live with this noise.
Last week hit a top speed of 143kmph for about 10seconds. Its exhilarating and scary at the same time! Any speed above 120kmph is better done with a windshield.

I haven't come across various issues that have been reported by lot of Dukers - engine stalling when the clutch is pulled in, coolant spills, sensor malfunctions, high coolant temperature issues etc(touchwood). So I believe Bajaj has taken care of the issues in the recent batches.

Few pics of the ride:


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