Orazo Riding Boots

Nitesh Jeiya

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We’ve been expanding our Adventure touring rides and the appeal of this two-wheeled genre is becoming clearer with each passing mile. What isn’t becoming clearer is exactly what type of gear is appropriate for riding. It all depends on the conditions, but those vary so much with on/off-road travel that there doesn’t seem to be one right answer. The never-ending search for the right stuff led me to a pair of Orazo PICUS-LWR boots to learn more about footwear.

I’ve been in a pair of Orazo PICUS-LWR boots for two years now and absolutely love them. These boots have been used in every environment possible and have never disappointed, even in places they were never intended for.

Orazo motorcycling boots are brought to you by Verala leather Exports pvt. ltd. Orazo motorcycling boots are the best bet to keep your feet safe and comfortable. TRIED, TOUGH & TESTED. These motorcycle riding boots have been a delight to a vast number of motorcycling enthusiasts.

The Orazo PICUS-LWR boots are extremely flexible, but provide more stiffness than many pure street boots. The tailoring flexibility and rigidity they offer not only provide a high level of comfort for walking but also supports the ankles and sole of the foot for spirited off-road use. The Boots have hard inserted sewn into the inside and outside of the ankles to prevent it from bending in the wrong direction.

I have worn these in both winters and summers without any problem. Their performance in the rain and through shallow puddles and mud is just as shown in the advertisements. The Orazo uses a Lace fastened closure on the upper section which allows for a wide range of calf sizes. Opening the boot reveals a wide entry that is simple to get in and out of and has room to tuck pant legs inside if that’s your style. It also cinches tight enough such that pants can be slipped over the exterior. The upper part is made up of genuine leather and foam, the sole is Anti slip dual density sole, light reflector at the heel side and Steel toe protection.

The sole tread looks like a performance wet-weather automobile tire. As you’d expect, it’s great on all pavement surfaces. From inside, the sole is rigid enough for periods of standing on rough terrain.

As we know riding boots are always been an expensive things in all gears but Orazo made these boots at just ₹4,499 with all the safety and protection facilities loaded inside the boots. They’re great for touring of any kind that will see a variety of weather conditions.

Hope this helps. Do hit me with additional questions if you have any. Take care!