Our ride to serenity, Sach Pass - 2015


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Serenity : Dictionary meaning - the absence of mental stress or anxiety; a disposition free from stress or emotion.

Well, state of being calm and peaceful means different to different people. For us, it means moving away from the urban clutter for a couple of day to re-establish our connect with ourselves.

Our ride to serenity is about about ride away from the chaotic life to attain mental peace and calmness by riding the deadliest of roads and live the journey of solitude........

It is time of the year again when we post about our annual biking ritual to the mighty Himalayas.

Riders : Me and Santosh (@NatureLover)
Bikes : Mine Apache RTR 160 and Santosh's Avenger

Santosh is my riding partner from 2013 and we have done a couple of rides together including the ride to Chandratal. Santosh and me, we both do not like riding in a big group which follows some rules and regulations about itinerary, distance to be covered in a day and so on.

This year we planned so many plans that we ourselves were confused whether we will be actually doing any of those. Initially it was all about exploring Changthang region but then limited number of days made us think of alternate plans.

Teaser shots as per the traditions of this forum -

Pic - 1 : Somewhere near the Sach pass

IMG_20150905_131047918 (Copy).jpg

Pic - 2 : A rainbow somewhere before Tandi Village
IMG_20150906_172723015 (Copy).jpg
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So the strategy meetings held between me and Santosh failed to yield any solid plan:confused::confused::confused:. But that is what strategy meetings are meant for, isn't it?

While Santosh was pushing for Changthang, I was totally against Ladakh this time given the reports of Taxi mafia harassing tourists and travelers.

After brainstorming and exploring BCMT, Santosh suggested for riding to Sach Pass.

I was like mum after hearing Sach Pass, and just to reconfirm I asked Santosh if he indeed said Sach Pass. Sach is considered as one of the big daddy of mountain passes in India. I didn't say no but did not agree also.

After some more rounds of telephonic discussions, I said okay, lets do Sach but lets also add Chandrataal as well as I was keen to explore Samundri tapu region, which we missed last time.

Agreed Plan : Sach Pass + Spiti
Dates : 4th Sept start from Delhi, return as per convenience

Once we agreed to plan, most of the sach pass logs were read in detail to learn more of route, stay options and help/rescue. Meeting with Alok bhai @Alpha and telephonic discussions with Masterjee @narender and Sridhar @shridharrao made me more and more confident for Sach -Killad stretch. A Big Thanks to you guys.

Enough of story, now I'll let the pictures speak of themselves....
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Day 1 : Delhi to Chamba
Date : September 4th, 2015

Starting Time : 0400 Hrs from Delhi
Closure Time : 2035 Hrs at Chamba
KMs : 635
Route : Delhi-Ambala-Banur-Ropar-Balachur-Garshankar-Hoshiarpur-Dasuya-Mukerian-Pathankot-Chakki-Dhar-Banikhet-Chamba

Day 1 was uneventful and our target was to reach as close to Bairagarh as possible, to get maximum time for Sach pass to Killad stretch. As the day progressed, we kept on shrinking our target mark and by the time we reached Pathankot, our target became Banikhet.

Pic - 1, Clicked near Balachur
IMG_20150904_115028705_HDR (Copy).jpg

However we kept riding to Chamba at atleast have some good stay options there. We settled for a small guesthouse (Rs.600/-) just opposite the iron bridge which takes us to Bairagarh/Bharmour side.

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Great Clicked.

Looks like lots of guys are crossing Sach pass. I hope NGT is not observing this else they will limit the vehicles per day. :D