Our ride to serenity, Sach Pass - 2017


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Serenity : Dictionary meaning - the absence of mental stress or anxiety; a disposition free from stress or emotion.

Well, state of being calm and peaceful means different to different people. For us, it means moving away from the urban clutter for a couple of day to re-establish our connect with ourselves.

Our ride to serenity is about about ride away from the chaotic life to attain mental peace and calmness by riding the deadliest of roads and live the journey of solitude........

It is time of the year again when we post about our annual biking ritual to the mighty Himalayas.

Riders : Me and Santosh (@NatureLover)
Bikes : Mine Apache RTR 160 and Santosh's Avenger

Dates :
June 17th 2017 Start from Delhi
June 20th 2017 Return to Delhi

As posted in my previous travelogues, Santosh is my riding partner from 2013 and we have done a couple of rides together including the ride to Chandratal, Sach pass, Ladakh and few more. Santosh and me, we both do not like riding in a big group which follows some rules and regulations about itinerary, distance to be covered in a day and so on.

This year we had planned to do Cliffhanger route (Gulabgarh to Killar) but that would have kept us away from the real adventure offered in June month by Sach pass. So the plan was revised to include Sach pass crossing that too in the very initial days of opening of the pass. This also offered Santosh an opportunity to ride in between the snow walls, as he was very keen of doing this.

Having done the same route together in Sept 2015 (http://www.bcmtouring.com/forums/threads/our-ride-to-serenity-sach-pass-2015.65348/), this time it was all about snow, black ice and deep water crossings.

Teaser shots as per the traditions of this forum -

Pic - 1 : Somewhere near the Sach pass

IMG_20170618_120628875 (Copy).jpg

Pic 2 : Almost at the pass
IMG_20170618_122136307 (Copy).jpg

Just last month, on the 15th of May, we were in Dalhousie and did think of going to Bairagarh. Given that the pass was then closed, we would not have been able to scale it.
We chose, instead, to go over the Padri Galli into J&K.
Sach bolun toh, Sach has been on my radar for long.
Maybe next year!

I'll be watching this log very closely. :)