Our ride to serenity, Sach Pass - 2017


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wonderful start Satish..looking forward to it
Thanks Alok bhai! Long time no see, hope all is well?

Nice pics. Good to hear again about Sach Pass from you.
It will help lot in our incoming trip on 1st July.
Thanks Suresh!
Sure, let me know for any help.

Great Repeatation !
Great Start !
Thank you sirjee!

Awesome teasers. So this was a very fast paced trip.
Thanks Shekhar! Yes, this was indeed a very fast paced trip. Reasons will be out in next updates.

Just last month, on the 15th of May, we were in Dalhousie and did think of going to Bairagarh. Given that the pass was then closed, we would not have been able to scale it.
We chose, instead, to go over the Padri Galli into J&K.
Sach bolun toh, Sach has been on my radar for long.
Maybe next year!
I'll be watching this log very closely. :)
Sure Doc Push, I'll be putting up as much details as possible. After seeing your Padri Gulli venture, feeling like I should have opted that instead of repeating Saach pass. But then there's always a next time.

Waiting for updates
Sure sir, update coming next.

happy landings
Thanks RT Sir.
Oh Oh.... This is crazyyyyyy =D>=D>=D> Where do you find the zeal to do this repeatedly.... Awesome Bro:prayer:!
Thanks Santosh! With limited time in hand, no other plan was workable, hence we were left with this only.

Shaandaar Jabardast Zindabad....
Thanks Vikas bhai!


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Our ride to serenity, Sach Pass - 2017

Our Initial Plan was -
Day 1 : Delhi to Bairagarh
Day 2 : Bairagarh to Killar
Day 3 : Killar to Cliffhanger route and back to Killar
Day 4 : Killar to Koksar
Day 5 : Koksar to Chandratal
Day 6 : Chandratal to Delhi

As the saying goes, "Man proposes and god disposes", I killed the cliffhanger plan owing to the badly tired body after Bairagarh to Killar and Chandratal plan got killed by Santosh owing to sudden change of situation at his home.

Eventually we ended up doing below -
Day 1 : Delhi to Tissa
Day 2 : Tissa to Killar
Day 3 :
Killar to Manali
Day 4 : Manali to Delhi
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Day 1 : Delhi to Bairagarh, could not gather courage to move beyond Tissa.
Start time : 0515 Hrs, delayed by more than an hour due to Delhi rains.
Route : Delhi - Ambala - Banur - Ropar - Hoshiarpur - Tanda - Pathankot
Having a delayed start, this day was nothing short of some marathon with very minimal breaks and consistent speed of 80-85kmph throughout till Pathankot.
We reached Pathankot around 1530 hrs and skipping lunch, headed towards Bairagarh via Banikhet and Chamera Dam.

From Chamera, we were to go to Koti but missed the directions and kept on riding to Sundla and further to Salooni.

While we were figuring out how long U turn we need to take, some villagers advised to keep the same route as it joins Tissa further some KMs ahead. This turns out to be a bad decision however we kept riding and came across another NHPC project of Bairakul. Crossing Bairakul was tough due to bad bad stretches and eventually we lost the day light.

Bairagarh was still some 70km away from the point where this alternate road joins into main road coming from Koti.
Finally we landed up at Tissa around 2230 hrs. Riding more than 700kms that day, we were dead tired and got ourselves into a small roadside hotel.

Pic 1 : Near Shambu toll
20170617_101715 (Copy).jpg

Pic 2 : Chamera
20170617_184447 (Copy).jpg

Pic 3 : Chamera
20170617_184501 (Copy).jpg

Pic 4 : Chamera
IMG_20170617_184429507 (Copy).jpg

Pic 5 : Chamera
IMG_20170617_184523469 (Copy).jpg

Pic 7 : NHPC Dam site
IMG_20170617_185524786 (Copy).jpg

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Is it advisable to visit leh via sach pass in second week of july?
Sach Pass is a tricky pass as it opens & closes at any point of time due to uncertain weather and pointed stones.
Better go prepared for tough ride.
If you live in North, better try it some other time.
If closed, don't waste time.
Move ahead with Manali / Srinagar (if situation is ok) route to Leh.


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Day 2: Tissa to Killar
Date : 18th June 2017
Route : Tissa - Bairagarh - Satrundi - Sach Pass - Bogotu - Chandrabhaga Bridge - Killar
Start Time : 0800 Hrs from Tissa
Sach Pass : at 1230 Hrs
Bogotu Dhaba : 1500 Hrs
Killar : 1840 Hrs

IMG_20170618_104218397 (Copy).jpg

Near Kalavan forest

IMG_20170618_110103798 (Copy).jpg

Approaching Satrundi

IMG_20170618_110110067 (Copy).jpg


IMG_20170618_110746122 (Copy).jpg


IMG_20170618_110757817 (Copy).jpg


IMG_20170618_110805355 (Copy).jpg


IMG_20170618_112717047 (Copy).jpg

Riding towards the top

IMG_20170618_113531446 (Copy).jpg

Snow walls started appearing and weather turns foggy

IMG_20170618_113547902 (Copy).jpg

Riding towards the top

IMG_20170618_114549760 (Copy).jpg

Riding towards the top