Our ride to serenity, Sach Pass - 2017


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Tissa to Bairagarh was uneventful and we did not halt anywhere. Upon reaching Bairagarh, went to Hotel Chamunda and had breakfast of aalu paranthas with curd along with asking the staff there about Saach pass road idea. I took some blue plastic sheet to wrap it on my ankles to prevent water getting inside shoes.

After spending an hour, we kicked the rides from Bairagarh to halt at 500m distance for registering ourselves at HP Police checkpost. This was the post which we get at Satrundi but since the pass was declared open 2 days back only, police post at Satrundi was still under development there and policemen were operating from Bairagarh till the time Satrundi post gets ready.

No videography was done this time, may be they have discontinued that.

From there begins our ride to serenity, the adventure filled day of crossing Saach pass for the second time....



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At the Saach Top :
18th June 2017

Offered our prayers at the Durga Mata Temple, Presiding deity of the pass and took some customary shots all around before we started our descent towards the Bogotu side.

The ride till now was not that painfull except at some places with black ice, where Santosh's avenger skidded and he had a humty dumty fall. I toll could not control was skidding but somehow managed controlling my bike without fall.

A couple of KM before the pass, we encountered a Shepard and his herd of around 400-500 sheeps, also trying to go to Pangi side. Now with high snow walls on each side, crossing this large group became a pain for us.

In fact, the snow walls were some 30 feet high there and I was afraid as this zone was highly prone to avalanches, and with this sheep group and hell lot of commotion, I was silently praying for our safe escape.

Fews pics at the top -

IMG_20170618_122132841 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20170618_122134610 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20170618_122136307 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20170618_122142871 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20170618_122144243 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20170618_122147375 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20170618_122150343 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20170618_122157412 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20170618_122301637 (Copy).jpg
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