Our ride to serenity, Sach Pass - 2017


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Day 2 : Saach Top to Killar, 18th June 2017

From Saach top towards Bogotu Dhaba :

My riding experience says the descent from Sach towards Killar is more dangerous and technical than the ascent from Bairagarh to Sach.

Immediately after top, we began riding downwards and it was really tough to control the bike at sharp bends, where there was some black ice, and in between, where big boulders were lying haphazardly. The stretch was yet to be flattened by the dozers. There was no escape route as there were snow walls on both the sides.

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IMG_20170618_130816788 (Copy).jpg

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Slowly and patiently we rode towards the bogotu dhaba side with the memory of bogotu nullah of Sept 2015 still afresh in our mind.

And finally we were there at Bogotu nullah, and yes, it was all set to welcome us like never before.

Here is a small intro -

Crossing Bogotu was a task and it took us almost 15-20 minutes to figure out the best strategy to save ourselves from ice cold water. However on further exploring the ways out, it came out that icey water aside, it was next to impossible to cross the bike single handedly.

Soon we were joined by Kumar and Raj who were riding a rented Enfield and now there were 3 bikes and 4 guys.
I took the lead with my Apache RTR and was helped by Santosh and Raj in clearing the deepest part. Second was Santosh's Avenger and finally Kumar with his Enfield.

This whole exercise took almost an hour time and we were almost wet waist down and started feeling numb.

Spent another 30 mins in getting back to our senses with drying up our feets.

IMG_20170618_135248983 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20170618_135255556 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20170618_135333388 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20170618_135942476 (Copy).jpg

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Yes sir, same Bogotu Nullah. It was same depth as last time, but the flow was very very fast and high, so a single biker couldn't even think of crossing it all alone.

Crossed many nullahs of similar magnitude of 2015 Bogotu, this time very easily as we were both mentally and physically prepared for the kill.



Ride to face the fear
Sorry satish for posting my comments little late. As I am still travelling in Indonesia, I will post my side of story by next week.

BTW you have just hit the right note. Lovely start


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Very interesting teaser! Makes one want towatch the rest! Go on, give us the whole!
Thank you Sir. Yes, the teaser is something to invite people to go thorough the detailed log. Posted quite a few updates.

Is it advisable to visit leh via sach pass in second week of july?
July is peak monsoon time and the weather at highers hills is inclement as reported in news in last few days. This route is highly prone to frequent landslides and road closures during rains. Hence caution is advised if you plan to undertake this route next week.
Ride safe, Cheers...