Our ride to serenity, Sach Pass - 2017


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Day 3 : Killar to Manali, 19th June 2017

We had a nice sleep last night and woke up around 0640 hrs and soon were getting ready for another tough day in the mountains. We got ready by 0800 hrs and before having breakfast and tying luggage, the bike chains were to be tightened.
While we were searching the mechanic, we met another bcmtian @avantika near the chamunda hotel where the family are ready to start for Keylong in their Tata Safari. A small chat on the adventure of previous day and the plan for current day, we wished them best of journey ahead and started back to our hotel for breakfast.

While we were getting our bike's chain tightened near Raj Hotel, a sad incident happened resulting in death of a lovely street dog. Our yesterday's companion Kumar (on Enfield) was playing with the dog while the mechanic was oiling his bike's chain and suddenly a Sumo taxi, fully loaded, came in a hurry and without bothering at at all of the dog in the centre of the road, crushed it under its rear wheels. The local taxi driver was so insensitive towards the poor dog that he didnt even bother to see if the dog is okay or what, rather was checking his Sumo for damages. And soon he left the scene without even noticing the situation of the dog. The dog somehow dragged itself out of the way of Sumo and was in dead pain, very much evident from his crushed ribs. This made the people standing there angry and soon people called the taxi union president to tell him the driver's reckless driving and insensitivity towards the poor dog crushed under his vehicle. Initially the taxi president also ignored the issue but when threatened with FIR lodging, he ensured the driver revisit the scene.
The poor dog was no more by that time and our friend Kumar was in tears with this entire episode. The fact that Kumar was playing with the lovely dog and in a fraction of seconds the dog died because of mindless driving by that fellow. Kumar advised us to start and they will follow us.

By 0900 hrs were were back on the infamous tracks taking us from Killar to Udaipur.
IMG_20170619_070018690 (Copy).jpg

View from Raj hotel towards the roads we traveled yesterday.

IMG_20170619_102452774 (Copy).jpg

Soon we were on the beautiful minor cliffhanger route

IMG_20170619_102501004 (Copy).jpg

Somewhere close to Purthi, if I am not wrong

IMG_20170619_102940499 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20170619_104623058 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20170619_114155207 (Copy).jpg

Soon we were entering the Lahaul distt.

IMG_20170619_115627492 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20170619_115637738 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20170619_120152430 (Copy).jpg

Some beautiful roads (relevantly) enroute...
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