Our ride to serenity, Sach Pass - 2017

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Day 3 : Killar to Manali, 19th June 2017, Final Post

In continuation to last post, the boulder laden road continued till Udaipur, where we reached around 1515Hrs. Around 5km before Udaipur town, there came the biggest hurdle of the day, called us darad nullah. Darad nullah was a pretty long stretch with gushing water flow on big boulders laden path and resulted in drenching us all waist down. Spent around an hour for lunch to regain strength and drying to continue the ride, the ride till Manali.

Rain was playing spoilsport in between and didn't allow us to take off the rain gear. The ride was uneventful after Udaipur as the tarmac had replaced the boulder laden roads and we speeding up like never before.

The Tandi gas station was under makeover to handle the ever increasing vehicle movement on this road and took us some 20 mins to get our chance. The four laning of Manali to Sarchu is going at a fast pace and the sandy stretch from Tandi to Godhla was a super tarmac now.

Infact the two bridges on Chandra river at Koksar were ready to be inaugurated and may be open to public by now.

Reached Koksar around 1930 hrs and with 2 minute Koksar police post registration break, we continued the ride to cross the mighty Rohtang and were at top around 2030 hrs. Though there were some bad stretches in between but we literally didnt feel anything stopping us as we had crossed much deadly crossings throughout the day.
Rohtang ascent from Koksar side is now well laid tarmac and it was tough for us to locate Gramphu intersection.

Around 2200 hrs, Manali was full on glory and looked as if entire northern India has come up to enjoy Manali. Got a nice deal on Goibibo in Rs.500/- for spending the final night of the trip.

Last day was spent on just measuring the road distance between Manali and Delhi on our bikes, with the trip closing at around 2300 hrs on 20th June 2017 (some 91 hours of trip time).

IMG_20170619_131704855 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20170619_133256401 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20170619_133259153 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20170619_133313388 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20170619_133316902 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20170619_135825720 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20170619_135837679 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20170619_141714652 (Copy).jpg

IMG_20170619_153656082_HDR (Copy).jpg

With this, the trip comes to an end.
See you another day with another trip report, soon!
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Stay Expenses :
Tissa : Dont remeber the hotel name, it was on right side while going from Chamba to Bairagarh, Rs.700/-
Killar : Hotel Raj : Rs.700/-
Manali : Hotel Crystal, Near Circuit House,Rs. 500 (thru Goibibo)