Ownership review: Viaterra Munro Street Mesh Jacket


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I happened to recently pick up the latest offering from Viaterra Gear, the MUNRO, which is the street Mesh Jacket. And here is the personal review of the same.





Jackets Owned in the Past :

Options Considered before zeroing in on the Munro :
  • Macna Hurracage
  • Viaterra Munro
  • Rynox Storm
  • Held Tropic 3
For the record........

Types of Riding Jackets

  • Adventure or dual Sport Jacket
  • Street Jacket
  • Off Road jackets
  • Fashion jackets

Adventure riding jackets


These jackets are characterized by the sheer size of the jacket. These are purpose built for long distance riding and are mostly all season jackets. They are made out of high abrasion resistant fabric construction on the outside and has multiple layers for thermal and rain protection. The kind of jackets in this segment do come with large cargo pockets for storing essential items which are handy to be used on the go. Also another distinguished feature of the jackets which fall under this genre are the raised collar, which offers better protection against cold winds or direct sun.

Street Jackets

These jackets are mainly made of Mesh, Textile or Leather or a combination of either of them. They do comprise of a better fit than Adventure Touring Jackets. They are shorter in length, has lesser amount of utility and a better fit than adventure touring jacket.

Off Road Jackets/Protectors


These are combination of two or three stand alone armors over the generic armors. The comman additional armors include Chest Protectors, Kidney protector, Neck braces or hybrid body protector. Critical body parts are are very much protected than the rest of the jackets discussed above and very helpful in disseminating external forces on impact. The kind of impact in the various terrains also determines the kind of protection needed. In street or touring the impact is mainly abrasion, as vehicle tends to move even after impact, where as off roads, the concentration of forces is mostly at one or two points severely.

Fashion Jackets

These are riding jackets which concentrates more on fashion than function. They generally come without armors but may contain a layer of high density fabric like Kevlar on impact areas. They fall in the last category when it comes to safety. As a result they weigh less and hence more comfortable than the rest.

The need factor:
The second Laguna jacket that i had ordered(from US) was not upto my expectations when it came to sizing and also the mesh Harley Davidson jacket(gifted by BIL) had minimalistic armored protection. So for quite a long time, i was looking out for a street Mesh jacket for daily usage. The Macna was still the choice of jacket for long rides. But as days passed by, the need for a safer mesh jacket felt better, for daily use and those rides during hot summer months.

What actually pulled me towards the Munro was the concept of customization and tailored fit. Right from the color of your mesh to the trims to the chest , the choice of armors, Choice of the liners that you might want to have(rather than pushing it to the customer, irrespective of the need is there or not. I personally have the liners of all the jackets that i have had over the years. They cant be interchanged when i change the jacket. So i liked the concept to pick only the stuffs that you need from the buffet. The process of customization will be explained in the latter stage of this article.


The entire jacket apart from the mesh panels is made with breathable 500Dx500D Cordura. This also comes with UV protection coating to reduce the UV impact on the fabric. Critical abrasion areas are secured by 1000Dx1000D Cordura.

Inner mesh comes with sweat-wicking fabric which allows for higher absorption of sweat and a higher cooling effect with the flow of air when in motion.

For the uninformed, Denier is a unit of measurement used to determine the thickness of fibers of individual threads or strands used in the creation of textiles and fabrics. Fabrics with a high denier count tend to be more thick and durable. Fabrics with a lower denier count tend to be sheer, soft, and silky. so it is the capability of the manufacturer to get the best of both worlds and incorporate in their product






Armor and Padding

Ever since the incorporation of foam based armors in the impact zones of riding jackets, there has been immense development in the kind of armors being used. From Thick foam to Rubber based armors to the various certified models making them more effective, lighter and well ventilated to be used in humid condition

Few interesting articles on riding gear armor and related certifications:
The jacket comes with 2 choices of protectors, along with optional chest protectors









In case of the Munro, the mesh layer consists of almost 50% of the jacket. The vent sizes are small which forms a rigid construction. The very purpose of choosing a mesh jacket over its textile counterpart is the ability to cover longer distance with added comfort. The long standing debate as to which is the ideal material for your riding jacket is the elephant in the room that needs to be addressed.

Each of them have their advantages and disadvantages. End of the day its is your riding style, The terrain you ride becomes the deciding factor. For a tropical Country like India, where it is generally hot for most parts of the year, Mesh is generally the preferred choice, for obvious reasons. in times of rain or cold you can just layer up with a thermal or rain liner. Textile/leather is definitely better than mesh in terns of safety, but when it comes to practicality, comfort and convenience, mesh is an unopposed winner

Fit and Finish

The Viaterra Munro, unlike other jackets in the market is a custom fit. So the fit is definitely better than competition. The entire process of taking the right measurements, will be explained below in details.


The finish of the jacket seems to be extremely good. The cuts, stitching and other key characteristics are top notch. The stretch panels around the shoulder joint and the elbow make it very comfortable to be used. The arms are pre curved for additional comfort while riding. there are fastening straps for biceps and forearms. The short front and longer back construction works pretty well in reducing the bulging up in the front. One of the minute attention to detail is the tank protector, which is basically a small flap which covers the zipper.


The jacket also comes with a 180 degree connector zipper. This zipper prevents the jacket from sliding upwards in times of a crash, the sole reason being it will protects the lower back from bad crash.



The base colors of the jacket are not high viz to make it very visible during day time or in other words, it doesn't grab the attention instantaneously. However, there is an option of increasing the day visibility by incorporating high viz colors for the trims.

For night visibility there are 8 reflective panels , 4 in the front and 4 in the back. The panels are smaller in area and blends well with the design. Personally feel that there should have been more reflective panels for night visibility, because i generally ride with a hydration bag, which covers most part of the panels in the back, leaving only the ones on the arms to do the job.




The jacket comes with a optional rain liner (which needs to be worn from outside) and a warm layer (which needs to be worn from inside).

The Frost (warm) layer is an optional layer. There are 2 variants of it: with and without hood. The frost is a breathable warm layer and uses the Dupont Sorona (Sorona® Eco-efficient Performance Fiber) for insulation. So it is light weight by design and compact for easy storage. A stiff elastic closed cuff is used to make sure that the sleeves don't get pulled upwards which putting the jacket up. The shoulder area come with stretchable panels for better comfort and maneuverability. Also the hood has a zipper, which can be tucked inside.



The optional waterproof liner comes in 2 variants B100 and M200. The B100 is the hoodless version of the liner and the M200 is the high viz and hooded version. The M200 is my personal preference since it is high viz and has better waterproofing between the two. Both the versions are pre curved, hot air sealed and are worn above the riding jacket. There are exhaust vents for better breath ability. The wrist area is wide and has Velcro adjustment which can be used even with gloves on. The rain jacket is constructed using fabric capable of withstanding 5000mm water column pressure.




I am a big time supporter of rain liner to be used on top of the jacket, because even if you are dry inside an internal rain liner. The jacket becomes very heavy when it is drenched, irrespective of the material of the jacket.


All these years my go -to rain liner was the Quechua Raincoat with half zipper, which will easily lasts for 2-3 seasons, depending on usage and costs about Rs. 400/- per piece. This too has its drawbacks, even though its effective for the rains. The jacket feels too stuffy from inside in worn for a longer time. If you are riding through the monsoons, along the coast, just makes matter worse. It doesn't have any ventilation. For winters i generally use the Wedze Mens Ski base Layer from decathlon, that i used for trekking.


The jackets come with 4 pockets. One quick access pocket which is waterproof, which comes in handy to store cash or cards or small stuffs like ear plugs or even vehicle documents. The two generic pockets in the front are spacious enough to house some essentials.


The interesting part if the waterproof pocket in the backside which is large enough to house a wallet and a normal sized smartphone. Generally the jackets houses a waterproof pocket in the front, which is the first area of contact of water. The lower back is generally the last area to get wet. So a waterproof pocket there increases the effectiveness of waterproofing. Also when the waterproof pocket is in the front, it will block the air, which defeats the purpose of a mesh jacket. So, the pockets in the front ensures that they only have mesh panels underneath, so that there is no restriction for air flow.


The most interesting thing about the Viaterra Munro : Customization and Personalization

Since the USP for Selling this jacket is the Custom fit and Personalization, it is available only through the Viaterra website. You need to follow the below steps in order to confirm your purchase.

Click on the " Build your own" Tab

Once you click on that, It will take you to the customization page


You can play around with the different options to see which is the closest to your expectation, in terms of color, type of armor, the kind of layers that you want


Once that is done, you can down the image as to how the jacket that you have created would look from different angles





After doing a thorough check on the downloaded images, you can either make changes if you want to and then click on add to cart


Its a pretty straight forward process there after, once you click on checkout, it will take you to the the next screen which will ask for your delivery address and eventually for payment.


Once the order is placed, you will receive a call in 2-3 days from the Viaterra Team to schedule a video call in order to take the dimensions which would initiate the manufacture of the jacket. During the call you can discuss it with the executive, if you would like to have your name and blood group mentioned on the jacket.


About a week from the time that the measurements are taken, you will receive a sample jacket, which are as per the dimensions taken. You need to confirm if the fit is fine.

Once you confirm, the actual jacket will be delivered in 2-3 weeks.
Things i liked the most in the Munro:
  • Size Customization
  • Optional upgrade of armors
  • Structural integrity
  • Stitching and the Quality of materials used
  • Comfort, without compromising on the safety

Things which could have been better:
  • A hook to hang the jacket, instead of using the Viaterra Tag
  • A small hook to hold the key
  • A bit more night reflective
Is the Viaterra Munro a value for Money?????........

I have been asked this question multiple times so thought will answer this too. If you comparing a jacket readily available in the market, one to one against the Munro, No it isnt. However when you look at the subtle details of how much of effort is taken in order to make sure the jacket is of the best fit for you and as per your choice, it definitely makes sense. Logistics takes the bulk of that premium that spend.

Tip for people who are on a tight budget. Just buy the base jacket with the YP Protector armors and later upgrade them when you are comfortable with.

In case of any clarification on my experience with the jacket, feel free to ask follow the link about more information about the jacket : https://viaterragear.com/shop/appare...riding-jacket/
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I guess the only problem will be price. For someone who rides very less, it gets very expensive.
Else it looks great.

And I agree with Rain liner comment.