Ownership transfer of car issue - sold off the car but new owner not doing transfer formalities


Hi guys,
I had a Zen which I sold off to a guy 4 months ago. The guy promised me to do the transfer of ownership within 15 days. I have taken his signature on a paper where i mentioned that the car has been handed over to him with original papers and insurance.
It has been over 4 months he hasn't done the ownership transfer yet. I have been following up with him every 2 weeks and he says that he will do it.

I want to know what can I do now. Any help is greatly appreciated.
You have any other form signed up or not for selling of car as available at various places ?
Which state have you sold it ?


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Have you made a sale deed using stamp paper as per the price of the car. Or else was it a plain pape.

Do u have his I'd proof which shows his signature on it.

If answer to the question is no . then pls get a stamp paper according to the sale value. And then get the matter of sale deed printed and get it attested by a Notary. After that even he doesn't make it on his name you would not have a problem.


I did not make sale deed using stamp paper, but I have his ID proof (Drivers License) which has his signature, photograph and address.
How can I make the sale deed now, I already handed over the car with documents to him. And he won't meet me now.


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As per MV act, owner is responsible.
  • So as suggested by other buddies - get your sale agreement authorized by NOTARY.
  • You could go head and get the ownership transfer completed.


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Is it done? You can simply send a copy of all document to RTO by registered post. That will be your proof that you notified the authorities about the transfer.
Rest is upto new owner to apply for new RC.