Owning a Honda city Zx Cvt

Nikhil S Rajan

Have been owning Honda city 2017 model ZX Cvt version from 8th of September 2017 . The ownership experience was simply awesome . Have clocked around 67k kms on its odo and is on its 3rd set of tiers . Not that tier wear was too much but I change tiers at 30k km so that suspension and breaking will be precise and average fuel economy will be at par with day one of ownership . Had been riding on 17 inch 8j alloys with first set of Hankook ventus from day one as I changed existing 16inch 185/55/16 tiers . Second set of tiers was chnaged at 37k kms with Bridgestone potenza tiers . Now at 67k kms I chnged to 16inch 7j BBS alloys with Hankook ventus 205/50/16 . Changed my first break pad set at 60k kms . Had been doing all services at Peninsular honda Trivandrum . Had booked honda city eHev and the car was allotted to me but I couldn’t fetch a good price for my existing car . At that point of time when I calculated the expenses occurred on my city for regular services . The overall service cost dint exceed 30k ₹ for all my services which were all scheduled routine service which include battery . 3 sets of tyers and alloys not included and even Accesories like Laser sun shades and OE K&N filter . The average fuel cost for 67 k kms 423991₹ . Getting an average of 14kmpl . I felt getting an eHev honda won’t make sense as I have to shed more than half of the money from my pocket even after selling my existing ride . So owning a honda city is just worth it. A new buyer who clicks more than 3k kms a month can go for a eHev else 5th Gen city is good . These are my thoughts .



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Hi Nikhil,
Nice ownership blog.
I agree to your view on upgrading to eHEV City.
Yes tyres give good cushioning for 3 years and later on it looses the comfort.
Yes place like Kerala good tyres are needed for effective braking.
Wishing you many more happy miles of ownership with your current City.
Also next car, do not increase the RIM diameter stick to OEM.
For better ride quality higher aspect ratio of tyre is always better.
Tata had changed in HEXA TOP variant from 19" to 17" as far as I recollect.
Even some owners of HEXA have changed from 19" to 16".
HEXA with 19" has the good ride and with 16" the ride improves. Also higher aspect ratio protects the RIM.


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on hybrid City, the money is not just for FE. The NVH experience is different. WOuld feel bit likes an EV or expensive car. And hence more costly