Owning Nissan Terrano 85 ps [9+ years 175000km+]


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Good updates Deepam. Those struts will be costly, afterall suspension is the biggest USP of this car. At 160KKM, its good usage.


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Good updates Deepam. Those struts will be costly, afterall suspension is the biggest USP of this car. At 160KKM, its good usage.
I am going from 2nd set to 3rd set.
As you said as the suspension is good I just keep to maintain the speed. So comparatively due to USP in Suspension I have become a rough driver :):)


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At last the Suspension System and Steering Rack Assembly I got it replaced today.
Car has got new boots [New Tyres] Good Year Efficient Grip SUV -04 nos.

I am mentioning the parts with Part #, for future reference of our forum members;
  1. 543026312R- ABS Shock-Frt [02]- INR 8124
  2. 540505149R- Stop Bump-Frt [Shock Boot] [02]- INR1952
  3. 545001225R- Arm Compl-Trans / Lower Arm [01] - INR 5772
  4. 545012815R- Arm Compl-Tras / Lower Arm [01] - INR 5830.
  5. 562103642R- ABS-Shock RR [02] - INR 9152.
  6. 551103022R- Rod-Anti Roll Bar/ Link Rod [02]- INR 4186
  7. 546114237R- Brg Bar-Anti Ro / Bushes Roll Bar [02] - INR 688
  8. 490019656R- RHD Hydraulic P-Steering Rack Assembly [01]- INR 39585
  9. 543A06915R- Set-Susp Stoppe [02]- INR 5208
  10. KLF5000001- P/STRG Fluid [01]- INR 1001
  11. 306106175R- Transmitter-Clu [01]- INR 3575
  12. KLD026K13MT- Manual Transmission Gear Oil- INR 1462.50
Except Gear Oil GST is 18% and rest all are GST 28%.

The Frame mount was pulled down, to easily replace:
  1. Lower Arms,
  2. Link Rods / Balancing Rods
  3. Steering Rack assembly.
  4. Stabilizing Rod bushes
Left side Drive Shaft was removed, hence Gear box oil was drained and the oil was advised to be replaced.

The labor for above parts with little discount costed me INR 6115+18%GST = INR 7216.

Thus making it easier to replace all the above components in a day's time.

The regular 170 k km Service, had 3 parts replaced:
  1. 15028ELMFC - Engine Oil, 10W-40 [4.5 Litre] - INR 1710 [GST 18%]
  2. 15020800Q0DM - Filter Assy Oil- INR 409. [GST 18%]
  3. 1654600Q1FM - Element Assy [01]- INR 503 [GST 28%]
Labor for Service was INR 2500+GST 18%.

Repair along with Wheel balancing and Alignment was completed by 7 PM [Day 1 - yesterday]
A quick trial found out that something needs attention and so the team asked me to provide time and take delivery today [Day 2- today].
The issue was related to loose AC pipe it was tigtened and issue resolved.

Went on a quick drive and found to be fine.

Sharing pics:
LH drive shaft was pulled out first for removing bottom U Frame:

The frame was brought down:


New Steering rack assembly:

Post replacement of parts, Steering rack, Link Rods, Lower arm and stabilizator bushes:

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