Owning Nissan Terrano 85 ps [9+ years 190000+ km]


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Good updates Deepam. Those struts will be costly, afterall suspension is the biggest USP of this car. At 160KKM, its good usage.


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Good updates Deepam. Those struts will be costly, afterall suspension is the biggest USP of this car. At 160KKM, its good usage.
I am going from 2nd set to 3rd set.
As you said as the suspension is good I just keep to maintain the speed. So comparatively due to USP in Suspension I have become a rough driver :):)


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At last the Suspension System and Steering Rack Assembly I got it replaced today.
Car has got new boots [New Tyres] Good Year Efficient Grip SUV -04 nos.

I am mentioning the parts with Part #, for future reference of our forum members;
  1. 543026312R- ABS Shock-Frt [02]- INR 8124
  2. 540505149R- Stop Bump-Frt [Shock Boot] [02]- INR1952
  3. 545001225R- Arm Compl-Trans / Lower Arm [01] - INR 5772
  4. 545012815R- Arm Compl-Tras / Lower Arm [01] - INR 5830.
  5. 562103642R- ABS-Shock RR [02] - INR 9152.
  6. 551103022R- Rod-Anti Roll Bar/ Link Rod [02]- INR 4186
  7. 546114237R- Brg Bar-Anti Ro / Bushes Roll Bar [02] - INR 688
  8. 490019656R- RHD Hydraulic P-Steering Rack Assembly [01]- INR 39585
  9. 543A06915R- Set-Susp Stoppe [02]- INR 5208
  10. KLF5000001- P/STRG Fluid [01]- INR 1001
  11. 306106175R- Transmitter-Clu [01]- INR 3575
  12. KLD026K13MT- Manual Transmission Gear Oil- INR 1462.50
Except Gear Oil GST is 18% and rest all are GST 28%.

The Frame mount was pulled down, to easily replace:
  1. Lower Arms,
  2. Link Rods / Balancing Rods
  3. Steering Rack assembly.
  4. Stabilizing Rod bushes
Left side Drive Shaft was removed, hence Gear box oil was drained and the oil was advised to be replaced.

The labor for above parts with little discount costed me INR 6115+18%GST = INR 7216.

Thus making it easier to replace all the above components in a day's time.

The regular 170 k km Service, had 3 parts replaced:
  1. 15028ELMFC - Engine Oil, 10W-40 [4.5 Litre] - INR 1710 [GST 18%]
  2. 15020800Q0DM - Filter Assy Oil- INR 409. [GST 18%]
  3. 1654600Q1FM - Element Assy [01]- INR 503 [GST 28%]
Labor for Service was INR 2500+GST 18%.

Repair along with Wheel balancing and Alignment was completed by 7 PM [Day 1 - yesterday]
A quick trial found out that something needs attention and so the team asked me to provide time and take delivery today [Day 2- today].
The issue was related to loose AC pipe it was tigtened and issue resolved.

Went on a quick drive and found to be fine.

Sharing pics:
LH drive shaft was pulled out first for removing bottom U Frame:

The frame was brought down:


New Steering rack assembly:

Post replacement of parts, Steering rack, Link Rods, Lower arm and stabilizator bushes:

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Had taken my car for a quick check, basically for Engine Oil & filter change, I was getting sound intermittently and thought the Stabilizing Mounting bushes which I had fitted may have given way.
So, on visiting the Service centre, when I told the team they first decided to check for Noise, it turned out bushes were fine and absolutely there was no noise.
The vehicle was handed over to a new guy with Good experience.
On closer inspection it was figured out that the silencer joint had become loose and it required tightening of the joint. Below is the pic:

Post tightening of the silencer joint bolts, the intermittent noise stopped.

Then luckily the Rear drum were opened up, to surprise the Rear Right brake liners were completely worn out.

So this needed replacement and I did give instant approval to replace.
The brake liners as only part is not available now, it is with complete set including the Sleeve Cylinder, I was told the whole set is now cheaper than the individual parts.
This new Liner set has self adjustment mechanism and I am not sure this mechanism increases the life or reduces the life and only time will tell.
The first set of brake liners were replaced at 88k km and now the second set also came for approximately 88k km.
Comparison between old and new:

Sorry for blurr pic.

Attaching the older version, post removal of brake liners:

New set of brake liners, to be installed:

Rear wheel shaft, sorry blur pic:

To Assemble the Brake liner set; the shaft has to be removed from the Torsion Beam of the Suspension set.
Then with new of brake liners, need to Assemble back.
Part cost for new brake liners is close to INR 5800 (BOTH SIDES).


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Wow Deepam,

That is a long list of overhaul.
The car would run much better I guess. And surely reliable.

Since not in NCR, you can own it for much longer.
Generally we end up selling diesel in 9th year.


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Wow Deepam,

That is a long list of overhaul.
The car would run much better I guess. And surely reliable.

Since not in NCR, you can own it for much longer.
Generally we end up selling diesel in 9th year.
Yes, I am lucky, as not part of NCR
Yes, more reliable and confidence to drive


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For the past 3 weeks, while driving in 4th or 5th gear Engine RPM above 1000 RPM and below 1500 RPM, I am getting a strained noise from Engine.
This strained noise is not available below 1000 rpm or 1500 rpm. Also this noise vanishes when Fuel in Fuel tank below Half mark.
When I first got this noise I initially thought it was bad quality of Diesel. When the noise returned after filling full tank from Trusted Fuel filling station this abnormal noise returned and I got convinced vehicle needs check up. My suspect could be due to Turbo circuit, wanted to re-confirm and waited to see response from Service Center.

I took the car last week to Service Center yesterday, initially it was suspected to be from C-mounting. The C-mounting was checked and though it shows sign of failure and that was not the cause of abnormal noise. 2nd Test drive for longer drive was taken and initially my Service Center friend said he did not find any noise. I forced him to drive around 1300 rpm on open stretch and he could find the noise. When checked, tt was found to be source from Pipe connecting Turbo to Air filter. There is oil leak and pipe part is ordered and expected to arrive coming Friday or Saturday.

When it comes to Turbo Diesel, I urge when you drive your car pay attention to noise from Engine. Very minutely when you notice the noise or abnormal noise emission. do get the car checked, else suddenly you may experience Turbo failure and loss of power.
Though I am not an Automobile Expert, I am not sure this will replicate with Turbo Petrol.


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Here's the pick of Turbo Pipe failure, that caused the strange noise I shared previously.
Replacing the pipe eliminated the Noise and also made running at those speeds smoother.
Well, if the Root Cause is not identified and then the Workshop can take ride performing unwarranted works and damaging the car!!!

Attached are the old pipe pics for reference:


Closer look pipe end with Bulge

Cost of Part is INR 5827.

There's slight or negligible vibration when Fuel Tank is filled with Full Tank and this is prominent till 20 litres are consumed.
The Service Center Mechanic explained me the cause of this and he advised to replace 2 small parts and has explained to me that post replacement I could feel the difference and appreciate.
The Part costs is not expensive, what the part is or what it could be I would leave fellow folks to guess and respond.

I will keep posted once the parts are replaced over the week.