Owning Nissan Terrano 85 ps


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87778 mark

88000 mark

88888 mark

89898 mark


Missed 90k km mark when driving on NH44 highway

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On recent trip to Bijapur, the early morning drive from 6AM to 10AM [~200 km]; maintaining 70-90 kmph, MID showed FE of 23.2 kmpl.
Later part of day; the FE dropped so the overall trip it showed 20.4 kmpl


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Car second sets of boots did not last long and 2 tyres have worn out flat [least is 1.5 mm]
3rd tyre has got damaged due to stone on the thread face. Can take risk running in city and not on highway.
Reported to MRF and they inspected my car & reviewed it.
I had a big concern whether there was mechanical issue on the car; MRF team ruled out.
Finally concluded that right from the time I put on the second set of boots - there was an issue with alignment check. Front Camber each side was extreme on either sides; this has affected the Toe setting and resulted in more tyre wear.
Finally claimed it is due to the alignment issue or more towards the calibration of the alignment machine.

I used to get alignment done outside Nissan Workshop; expecting they do better job - alas it turned out to be wrong.
Recently checked in Nissan Workshop and figured out that the Wheel alignment calibration needs correction too.