Owning Nissan Terrano 85 ps


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Completed the 95k km Check-up or Service:
Replaced Engine Oil and Oil Filter - Rs 2943/- including labour of Rs 850/- plus tax.
Cleaned the Brake pads /Brake Disc & Brake Liners. One of the stop bulb got replaced.
Ran the VI scanner and showed need to replace Heater plug, at dealer costs Rs 4000/- plus replacement cost. Deferred it temporarily.


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Monsoon time all of us may face situation as seen in video sharing from T-BHP:

Last month, I replaced to HELLA WIPER blades and immediately started off driving and post 10 PM it started raining for an hour and it was similar to this situation as seen in video. I got bit panicked and was upset to know that Rs 1000/- wipers was not doing its job.
After reaching my destination, next day I used diluted Dishwasher liquid, applied generously on the Rubber surface of wiper blades. Also applied on the windshield wipe area. Wiped using wipers; wiper worked flawlessly. Next rains, I did not find any problem with wipers giving a clean swipe.

I am sharing hoping to benefit someone in need.
I always keep the diluted dish wash liquid as standby in my car.


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Couple of days back I drove to Mantralaya.
This is relatively new steel bridge constructed in 2013-14.
This old bridge was washed out during heavy flooding or cloud burst during Oct 2009 flash floods.
The level of water in Mantralaya had reached upto 3rd floor.



Agreement was that bridge construction was to be shared by both Karnataka and Erstwhile AP government.
News report published that AP government showed cold shoulder, since it impacted Karnataka more, news report indicated that the construction cost was completely borne by Karnataka government.


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Today I replaced the weather strips of glass bottom with new design!

Old design weather strips:

Front weather strips (Horizontal)


Rear weather strips


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Experienced the first latch issue with the Rear Right door. The latch got misplaced and the closure of the door did not take place. I was not sure why the latch got misplaced. 2 attempts; there was issue in closure, once I moved the latch by hand; the operation was fine.
Need to figure out the root cause!


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Last month I crossed 100k km, tomorrow scheduled for 100k km service.
Changing schedule:
  1. Engine oil
  2. Oil Filter
  3. Air Filter
  4. Diesel Filter
  5. AC filter

Need to get the latches inspected and Water pump condition, apart from this should see what gets propped up.